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> Character Face Masterlist, ~ a reference listing of play-by's
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Choosing a Face

What is a character face?
The term 'character face' (also known as a 'play-by') refers to the image/model/celebrity you use for your signature/avatar image. This 'face' will be what your character will look like.
  • You MUST choose a face before your registration can be considered complete!
  • You cannot use the same character 'face' as another current character
  • If you try to claim a face that's already been chosen by someone else, you will be sent a message by the staff to choose another face.
  • Personal pictures are not permitted (you cannot use your own picture, your sister, friend, etc.)
  • Choose your face wisely! Once you claim a face, it cannot be changed.

HINT: To help in your search, use CTL F to "find" certain names -- this is especially important for some Asian names as they may not be listed correctly (last name first).

Faces Already Taken
Celebrity name - Character name

Ackles, Jensen - Eric Winthrop
Adams, Amy - Harriet McNitt
Adams, Patrick J - Aldric English
Adrian, Kevin - Lucas Sanders
Agron, Dianna – Ulyana Lasky
Akan, Johan - Thomas Wilkinson
Alano, Jorge - Elias Fisher
Alexander, Jaimie - Penrose Yewbrey
Amell, Stephen - Emerson Maxwell
Apa, KJ - Riley Sullivan
Aplin, Gabrielle - Clara Gray
Ashba, DJ - *Jacques Hawkfield
Asher, Jane - Tyrysa Johnson
Asmus, Keilani - Thalia Devereux
Avgeropoulos, Marie – Arden Stonequest

Baan, Jordy - Frederick Fletcher
Baccarin, Morena - Tamara Reyes
Badgley, Penn - Braden Langley
Bae, Su-Ji "Suzy" - Alexa Rhee
Baker, Darla - Pippa St James
Ball, Michael - *Marlon Marconi
Balor, Finn - Sammy Lichen
Bamber, Ellie - Vera de Witte
Barnes, Ben – Valentin Pozniak
Barrueco, Diego – Kingston Vance
Basso, Annalise - Liliana Swifte
Bates, Kathy - *Morwenica Curabolus
Bauder, Eugen - Oliver Mcintyre
Bayler, Terence - *The Bloody Baron
Bazan, Kristina - Beth Malone (nee Caldwell)
Bean, Sean - Darius Quinn (deceased)
Beatriz, Stephanie - Aeryn Ramirez
Beckinsale, Kate - Athena Vincent
Bederov, Daniel – Anders Parrish
Bek, Ken - Huxley Taylor-Mackinnon
Bell, Matthew - Graves Carver
Bellisario, Troian - Aster Jones
Benoist, Melissa – Hazel Montgomery
Benson, Ashley - Selene Elderwine
Berdy, Sean - not available
Bhatt, Alia - Drishya Archer
Bianchin, Luisa - Sophia Taylor-Mackinnon
Biehn, Michael - *Professor Jack Ravensdale
Biersack, Andy – Cypher Faust
Blackburn, Tyler - Skyler Butler (nee Perault) (deceased)
Bledel, Alexis- Meredith Hughes
Bock, Kate - Cordelia Winthrop (deceased)
Bogucharskaia, Kate - Elizabeth Virtanen
Bond, Rhys Matthew - Kieran Tempest
Borrmann, Tim - Blaine Damian Pruitt
Bowie, David - *Jupiter Westwood
Boyd, Brandon – Lincoln Jones
Boyega, John – Kamalu Okoro
Braga, Daniela - Eden Neilson
Brand, Russell - *Thrash Dodgem
Brodie-Sangster, Thomas – Dell Connor
Brody, Adam - Kylian Wilde
Brody, Adrien - *Mo Zonko
Bunbury, Kylie - Anya Elliot

Cameron, Dove – Kara Jordan
Campanella, Alyssa - Melody Walker (nee Javert) (deceased)
Campbell, Danielle - Blythe Winters
Campbell-Bower, Jamie - Andrew Moran-Jameson
Carpenter, Sabrina - Luna Elderwine
Carew, Isaac - Keats Ingram
Carrey, Jim - *Sloane Whittaker
Carvajal, Sergio - Ryder Neilson
Cassidy, Raffey - Poppy Paddington
Ceretti, Vittoria - Talia Volkova
Chabernaud, Clement - Noel Johnston
Chopra, Priyanka – Riya Nagrani (deceased)
Chastain, Jessica - Elizabeth Connolly (nee Eames)
Christensen, Hayden - Steve Sen
Chou, Tzuyu - Andromeda Liu
Claflin, Sam - Murphy Renault
Clark, Annie - Beatrice Nott
Clarke, Emilia - Rosalie Ringhiare (nee Bennet)
Cleese, John - *Nearly Headless Nick
Clooney, George - *Gameskeeper Ludovic Rackharrow
Coffey, Susan – Tiffany Neil
Coleman, Jenna - Tatiana Gray (nee Penvrane)
Coleman, Zendaya- Marina Carter
Colfer, Chris- Duncan McLoughlin
Collins, Lily - Faye Evans
Condor, Lana - Mariko MacFarlane
Connery, Sean - *Alistair Reilly
Conte, Martin – Apollo Meyers
Cooper, Andrew - Rowan Kohler
Cooper, Ryan – Patrick Hudson
Corneliussen, Stephanie - Adele Moran-Jameson
Cox, Montana - Mia Burnell
Crawford, Chace - Zachariah Clarke
Cruise, Tom - *Trevor Drake
Cunha, Alexandre – Genghis Lazar
Cusak, Joan - *Nikki Malene

Daddario, Alexandra - Remy Curtis
Daddario, Matthew - Jeremiah Lucas
Davalos, Alexa - Natasha Davies
Day, Charlie – Manx Connolly
De Graaf, Lauren - Kinsley Marks
de Kok, Roosmarijn - Anastasia Murdock
Debicki, Elizabeth - Camille Hart
Debnam-Carey, Alycia - Audrey Denton
Delevingne, Cara - Stella Lowe
DeLury, Emma - Lux Renault
Dempsie, Joseph – Logan Rae-Jones
Dench, Dame Judi - *Eleanor Ballantyne
Denisof, Alexis - *Quentin Pomeroy
Deschanel, Zooey - *Phoebe Reynolds
Deutch, Zoey - Lindey Stewart
Dewald, Sarah - Cassidy Connolly
Diaconu, Andreea - Parker Neilson
Dicker, Cintia - Ariel Jameson (deceased)
Dormer, Natalie - Ariana Jones
Dornan, Jamie - Aaron Nash
Dufour, Jeremy - Nox Taikuus
Duhamel, Josh - Stanley Ashford
Dunn, Jourdan­ - Priscilla Carter ­­­­­­­­­­­
Dyer, Natalia - Priscilla Adams

Efron, Zac - Ethan Swifte
Eidem, Benjamin - Hartley Nightingale
Elgort, Ansel - Finn Adams
Ellis, Tom - Rune Redburn
Elizabeth, Grace - Artemis Mason
Englert, Alice - Viola Vincent
Enoch, Alfred - Samuel Mcintyre
Evans, Chris - Milo Stilton
Everett, Dylan – Cameron Nolan

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