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> 2 - Your Hogwarts Letter (and how you got it), POST HERE SECOND!
*Supreme Mugwump
post Jul 30 2015, 11:34 PM
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How did you get your Hogwarts Letter?

We know it's an exciting thing for a 1st Year student to finally get their letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. And we'd like to hear your story of how your student finally got his or her letter. Please post below, telling us as little or as much as you would like.

Be sure to stay in character! That means speaking from the 3rd Person/Past Tense perspective. (read more about how to role-play writing here)

This post is REQUIRED to activate your account completely.

Note: Once you make this post, your user group tag should change to "11yr old", and you should now be able to see The Leaky Cauldron! (and all of your posts will be visible when posted after this!) If you cannot, be patient. Please wait at least 24 hours before reporting this to the staff.

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Guest_Mercy Metcalfe_*
post Aug 1 2015, 12:05 PM
Post #2


When the early sunrise began to fade into a morning blue, Mercy Metcalfe exited her mother's dance studio quietly, a knapsack slung over her shoulder and a certain slump to her walk. After spending the night helping her mother prepare for the studio's opening day for summer classes, the only thing on her mind was her warm and comfortable bed. Conveniently, her house was only a 7 minute walk away from the studio, but even that distance felt like it would stretch on for miles. Mercy hiked up her gray jogging pants, adjusted the sack over her shoulder blade, and started up the slight incline that led straight to her doorstep. Her mother, convinced that everything had to be perfect for the summer opening, refused to leave with her, even if Mercy knew full well everything was already near impeccable. Yet after eleven years of living in close quarters with the woman, Mercy also knew that once she got something in her head, there was no dissuading her. So once she finished folding the leotards, she headed back home.

Not that she regretted helping her mother -- she was as fond of the studio as her mother was; just not quite as obsessive. After all, she spent most of her childhood jumping down the hallways, wearing out her tiny ballet shoes even when class was over. It was only right that she helped other little girls do the same thing, even if she'd stopped consistently dancing years ago. Turned out, while she loved both ballet and her mother, dealing with both simultaneously was enough to make a girl tear her hair out. And not to float her own boat, but her hair was kinda gorgeous. She passed by her neighbors houses, and waved a tired hello to those she saw getting in their cars to drive to work. Glancing at her watch to check the time, she saw that it was nearly 7 o'clock in the morning, then hopped over a deep sidewalk crack. From there, it was just a few more steps until she reached her front door. As she approached the door it swung open to reveal her father on the other side. She jumped, startled, before letting out an exasperated exhale.

"You frightened me!" She accused, pointing a thin finger at her father's direction. The lovable anesthesiologist simply shrugged his shoulders, gave his daugher a lopsided grin, and shook his palm over her head, messing up her hair. "Your fault for not coming home till morning. Is she still there?" Mercy huffed, and removed his fingers from near her scalp. "Yes, she is. You married a very stubborn woman, did you know that?" Her father laughed his wonderfully warm laugh, kissed the top of Mercy's head, and walked towards his car. Mercy watched him go, a small smile on her face. "I'd do it again." With that, he waved her goodbye, and backed the car out of the driveway. She noticed, however, that he drove away from the hospital, and towards the dance studio--no doubt to wish his wife good morning.

She sighed. Parents could be disgustingly sweet sometimes. Stepping inside her house, Mercy shed her jacket, hat, shoes, and socks as she climbed and crawled her way up the stairs to her room. She would clean up after herself once she stopped seeing double. As she was about to stumble into her bed, still unmade from the day before, she was interrupted by a clicking from the window. Suspicious, she looked up, her eyes narrowed and eyebrows furrowing. What she saw took her by surprise: a dirty brown owl, perched by her window sill, staring back at her with two beady eyes. "Ehhhhh," she began, to tired to give a proper exclamation, "Who're you?" Instead of waiting for a reply (which would be silly) Mercy went to undo the window lock and slide the glass open. Untying the string that attached an envelope to the bird's foot, she began to rip through the seal, pausing for a moment to watch the bird fly away without even a goodbye. "Rude," she muttered, but unfurled the letter she found inside the envelope anyway. As she read one word, then the next, and struggled to put the dots together, her eyes grew bigger and bigger and bigger, until she was sure she was suffering from a lack of sleep. After a few minutes of shock and confusion, the eleven year old limped back to her bed, Hogwarts letter in hand, and collapsed on the covers. She would deal with magic and wizardry and whatnot after her nap.
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BANNED_Claire Killian
post Aug 1 2015, 12:08 PM
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Claire sighed, curling her legs underneath her as she heard the whimper of her baby brother, Julian. She was half asleep but she wouldn't let anything happen to her baby brother, that was for sure. "What's the matter Juju? Clairebear is here, nothing's gonna hurt you babyman..." she was cooing in her baby brother's direction, happy to be there with him and the rest of her family.

It was true that she wasn't in the forest anymore, but she didn't want to let that stop her from trying hard to be her happy self again. Sure, many of the things that had happened in the forest were scary, like the attack, fire and a few other things, but she knew that her Nunca J and the rest of her family believed in her, and that was what counted!

At least, she didn't want it to stop her from being who they saw in her...

In any case, she woke up that morning to her brother's whimper, and she didn’t know what he was doing in her room, but she didn't question that. She opened her eyes and through a little bit of sleep dust she saw her mother's silhouette. "Mumma? What's wrong?" She asked, sitting bolt upright in her bed.

Suddenly Claire's hazel brown coloured eyes were wide open, staring towards her mother. She was instantly scared that something had come to hurt them at their house and she scrambled out of bed. And she was at her mother's side almost right away, but in her mother's free hand she spotted a parchment envelope. "Wait... is that....? It IS! MY LETTER CAME! I GOT MY LETTER!" she called out, her words ringing through the house alongside her baby brother's happy giggle at her excitement!

It was true that most people would the excitement in her voice and think she was happy, but Claire Delaney Killian wasn’t excited for the letter as much as she made out to be, because she realized that meant she'd be leaving her parents for the first time, and she was suddenly terrified...

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Guest_Valerie Stirling_*
post Aug 1 2015, 12:12 PM
Post #4


The crisp winter wind crept through the cracks beside her bedroom window. With a soft snore, the young witch rolled over, pulling the duvet over her face to shield herself from the shaft of yellow light that hung over her head from the grimy window panes. Her mind began to awaken slowly, listening carefully to the ticking of the grandfather clock in the hall, waiting silently for the chime to signal the hour. Drifting in and out of sleep for the next three-quarters of an hour, the girl’s eyes open as the clock struck eight. With a disgruntled groan, the eleven year old stretched her toes, feeling the snap of cold air against her skin as they protruded from the bottom of the covers.

“Nooo,” She mumbled to herself, arching her back and letting out a feral yawn which she could be certain was heard by her parents on the lower floors. One thing she was thankful for, her parents had only her, and therefore in a manor fit for a family of ten or more, she got an entire floor to herself. Rooms filled with junk she’s collected, paintings she’d half completed, another room filled to the brink with antique toys left by her ancestors and creepy dolls that she still wasn’t sure were charmed to move when she wasn’t looking or not.

A soft knock at the door had a bramble of blond hair peek out from over the top of the covers. “Com’in,” She groaned, sitting up slowly and rubbing her eyes with the back of her fist. The figure of their house elf moved cautiously into the room, bowing low as she held out the freshly pressed clothes for the young girl to wear. “Aw, you know I dinna like dresses,” Valerie pouted, extending her hand to accept the pink frilled monstrosity.

Arriving in the parlor, the eleven year old pulled at the lace neckline as she scooped up the spoon in slender fingers. “Where’s ma’ and pappa?” She asked the elf between mouthfuls of porridge and honey. ”They’ll be home soon, they’ve just gone to get yer presents,” Valerie grinned toothily at the elf as she nodded. “An’ here I was thinkin’ that they’d forget all about me today huh?” The last of the meal was finished, the scraping of the metal spoon against the wooden bowl resonated through the small stone room before she heard the sound of the front door opening and the ward being silenced.

Skipping down the hall with a grin, her hands folded behind her back. “Good mornin!” She chirped, nudging her head forwards to peer into the basket over her mother’s hands. “You got somthin’ for me do ya?” The grin spread wider over chapped lips, tongue flickering out to wet them quickly.

Half an hour later, the girl sat amidst an array of bits and bobs, a toy wand, a few new dresses, a pair of far-too-shiney-shoes and a few hair clips. But her eyes searched the rubble of torn wrapping paper and ribbons, scouring for something. And as if answering her silent question, with a rustle and a grin, her father pulled out a letter from his cloak pocket. ”Saved the best for last,” he murmured as the blonde snatched the letter from his hands, tearing the envelope open with reckless abandon.

“This is it,” Her words were no more than a breathless whisper. “This is it,”
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Guest_Emerson Cavanagh-McCoy_*
post Aug 1 2015, 12:13 PM
Post #5


“Go away, Smeagol.”

It was the first sign of how different things were: during the initial days in the Forest, Emerson had missed spoiling the beagle, missed hugging it in the corners or sneaking it a bite under the table; but now, as he climbed the stairs to his room with tired legs and the dog tried to link at his ankles, the eleven year old wanted nothing to do with the dog. In fact, he didn’t want much to do with anything other than his bed and a long nap, maybe a hot cocoa to sooth his stomach. Emerson Cavanagh-McCoy had changed, and the boy that once would have ran outside to climb the nearest tree was no longer. He reckoned it was unfair, and he scowled at the world for it, but he also recognized that there was probably no changing it -not, however, that playing the blame game was a bad idea. The problem was that he didn’t know who to blame, wasn’t certain who was at fault for the chain of events that had led him to this moment, with his lanky legs aching and each stair feeling like an eternity. It confused him, and it made him all the more bitter.

His room, when he opened the door with a click of his tongue against his teeth, was just as he’d left it -unmade bed and all. Emerson dropped his bag to the ground by the threshold, his shoulders grateful to loose the extra weight, then stalked towards the mattress with two long strides and flopped down on his stomach, arms thrown to the side. He wanted to sleep and could feel that he was tired from the headache that was building up, but he was aware that Mum and Dad would want to see him, would probably want to snuggle -and the thought made him suddenly want to be far away from here. Em didn’t want hugs, didn’t want anyone to act like anything was wrong, because forgetting was a far better option. Not that he could, not that he ever would. One day, he would look Aunt Clara in the eye, his gaze stoney, and he would remind her that he had been right: he hadn’t wanted to go into hiding, after all, and even if his reasoning had been more along the lines of whining to the tune of but I don’t wanna because of Hogwarts, the fact remained.

As the young lad shifted to turn onto his back, he felt something crisp tickle his spine; sitting up, Em looked down to find a white envelope with an all too familiar seal. And yet another change made its self known: in the past, this was where he would have yelped with joy, ran around the house giggling as Smeagol barked excitedly at his heels -but that was then and this was now, and Emerson was not the same young boy with dreams of how amazing Hogwarts was going to be. Tossing the envelope on his bedside table, Em curled into his pillow and slept.
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Patrick Hudson
post Aug 1 2015, 12:13 PM
Post #6

dumb fox
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From: #72B Skeltons Lane; mocking Milo's hair


It was a good thing Paddy surfed enough years to recognize when it was about time to let go. There wasn't a need of the lifeguard to clear the area for the young boy to understand his day ended, and now he had to pack up his things and head back home. Overall he was satisfied; he caught good waves and almost didn't fall at all. To him, that was more than a simple progress, and next time he'll be out at the ocean with his surfboard he won't fall at all. For now, it was the time to meet with his friends again.

Normally the days at the beach went by fast with the company of his two close friends, yet today Ben had to leave to visit family, and Oswin informed she could meet up with him only later so for the first time in a very long while Paddy spent his time at the sea all by himself. It wasn't a bother, frankly; the three together great amount of his time and even now he and Oswin had to meet up again after not seeing each other only for a few hours. He couldn't not to wonder whether or not Ben had missed them that much. Losing those thoughts, Paddy pushed through the gate of his house and placed his surfing gear at their storage. Walking towards the porch now, he knew that would be the exact location his friend will be waiting for him there.

"Just a moment, Oss, I'm gonna get us drinks!" The blonde waved to his friend only to let her know he arrived home. Within seconds he slipped through the side door to the kitchens, took out two glasses and opened the fridge to get a water jug with ice. The mail was left at the dining table as usual, and normally Paddy would have ignored that, only that now something tracked his attention to a certain letter, one that carried his name. Mr. Patrick Hudson, was written at the small window, and unable to resist himself Paddy grabbed it and tore the edge. Pulling the letter out, gray eyes passed across the written words, first with confusion and afterwards with amusement. "Whoa, Oss, you gotta get over here," The blonde nearly chuckled, shaking off his head. "I think Ben's trying to pull a prank of us; have you ever heard of Hogwarts?"

ooc; permission to GM was granted

tell me would you k i l l to save a life?

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Guest_Jonathan Lawrence_*
post Aug 1 2015, 12:13 PM
Post #7


The first day back, the first day back… it was a surreal experience. The first thing he did on said first day back was run to see Ronnie. They had a moment, talked for a bit, and came to the conclusion that all abandonment was (mostly) forgiven (for the meantime), and Jonathan finally made his way back to the house, just a block away from the Lennox house in a small suburb of their beloved city, Perth. The Lawrence house was cute, but not spectacular. However, the flowers that adorned the soil spruced it up quite a bit, and the roses reminded him of his mother. The mother who had just given birth to the devil itself- Daisy Brooks.

It wasn’t that Daisy was a bad child- in fact, compared to most others she was quite well behaved- it was the fact that she was even a child at all. The germs, the burping, spitting, crying, bedwetting- it was all so vulgar and disgusting to Jono, and he wasn’t able to look past that enough to like her. So it was with a cry of anger that he discovered her sprawled on the floor of the front hall, chewing on perhaps the most important letter he’d ever receive.

“No, Daisy! Merlin’s trousers-” Jonathan exclaimed, and reached down, snatching the thing away from the girl. Careful to only hold it by the dry part until he sped to the paper towel rack and snapped one off, he gingerly opened the letter, adorned with his name in very fancy cursive, and the ever telling four segmented logo. Sure enough, Jonathan Lawrence was admitted to Hogwarts School. There had never been a doubt in his mind, but it was gratifying nevertheless.
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Guest_Jesse Sawyer_*
post Aug 1 2015, 12:16 PM
Post #8


The bright colors dancing on the tv set were enough to keep him paralyzed for at least two more hours, putting aside his slight addiction. It was far too easy and accessible to be strong for long, and Jesse was never really known for anyone who could help himself from doing what gave him pleasure. And right now, the only thing that could settle his mind was watching the end of that movie, so he may go to sleep with good thoughts in his head and nothing more, which was a hard thing to accomplish on its own, without even considering the person he was avoiding at the moment. His mother was asleep by now, he was sure of it, but he was still troubled by the noises that once in a while came from outside his room. The last thing he needed was to discover she wasn’t in fact, far away in dreamland, and was awaiting for him to come out of his shelter and apologize. As that was the last thing he imagined himself doing, and if she knew him truly, or at least half of what she claimed, she wouldn’t really be expecting him outside.

It didn’t really matter at the end, he supposed, because he had no intentions of doing so whatsoever. The only plans he had in mind was to sit back in his bed and watch the dancing for a while longer. If only life could be as easy as a few bright colors that could be shut off the moment he decides. The day that’ll be possible, he’ll find dragons exist and that there were fairies waiting to pick up the teeth that have fallen from his mouth. He was never quite the fool to really believe in the stuff they sell in stories and movies, but he’d be a liar to say that he never hoped it would all turn out to be true. He was barely eleven, and that often meant hoping in things that could never become a part of his reality.

Jesse shook his head, unraveling the thoughts that have began building in his head and distracted him from the screen. He probably shouldn’t be breaking the one rule his mother made for him, especially not when she was angry at him - he at least thought she was, but he didn’t really care - but why were rules made, if not to be broken? Besides, it was a stupid rule and he wanted to watch the end of that movie. A knock on his window startled him, and he quickly gathered his thoughts and breath before he opened it (should have at least checked first, honestly) to find a strange looking owl, which seemed to be as surprised as Jesse to be found at his doorstep (windowsill, to be specific). But the strangest thing yet was the letter that seemed to be wrapped around it’s foot. Alarmed yet excited all the same, he pulled at the string, only to be met with something that must have been a joke because -- Jesse, a wizard?

Someone has clearly been listening to his thoughts.
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Guest_Zoella Fallick_*
post Aug 1 2015, 12:16 PM
Post #9


For a late January day in the middle of London, it was awfully sunny. This was something that Zoella was wholly unused to, for the city that she was born and raised in was never this sunny in the middle of winter. Or ever, for that matter, excluding the occasional heat wave that sent everyone into their homes, where they hopefully had fans or air conditioning to keep them cool. (These were the kinds of random thoughts that swirled around in the mind of Zoella Jane, but she often kept them to herself.) Nevertheless, it was a late January afternoon, the girl’s eleventh birthday, in fact. This was a very important birthday in her world, for she would be receiving her Hogwarts letter today.

That was the goal, anyways, for sometimes you could never be too sure. Her mother said that she had shown signs of magic, namely in the way that Zoella always seemed to get the banana milkshake that her mother had forbidden her from consuming at that particular time. She couldn’t help it, though, she just really wanted that milkshake, and it always seemed to come to her, strangely enough. Zoella took that as being magical, and therefore, she was waiting very patiently for the owl to arrive.

It was two hours before her birthday party was due to begin that she saw the owl at the window, its beak knocking against the glass. “Oh, no, stop that!” she whispered, opening the window and letting the bird inside. “You’re gonna scratch the glass, silly!” She stroked the owl for a moment, before removing the letter that was tied around its leg. Zoella tore open the letter then, blue eyes scanning the words on the parchment, lips parting in a grin. “Ha, I knew it!” she let out, darting out of her bedroom and downstairs, where her mother and various other family members were. “Hogwarts!” she shouted, waving around the letter.
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Guest_Zoe Greenwood_*
post Aug 1 2015, 12:26 PM
Post #10


It had just rained, as it often did in London, and Zoe was taking advantage of it. She had slipped on her wellies and was wandering around the grounds. She loved the rain, but she didn’t so much like being wet, so she experienced rain at the periphery. Watched it from inside, or from just under cover, or, like now, would wander around after - or before - the rain.

The little blonde took a running leap at a particularly large puddle and planted both feet and squealed as the water rushed up, laughter following the action. The pervasive wetness of rain was quite different than the sogginess of jumping in puddles. That and this was sure to get Agnes worked up.

A mischievous grin crossed Zoe’s face and she took another running leap at a puddle. This time she almost lost her footing, but when she managed to stabilize herself she let out another laugh. The she continued on, making grand kicks through the puddles, splashing every which way.

Someone else’s laughter joined hers and she looked towards the orphanage to see one of the little girls - Heather - laughing at her antics. “C’mon, the water’s fine,” Zoe shouted at her, beckoning with her hands. The little girl blushed and hid her face simply because she was caught watching. “I won’t tell anyone,” she added cheekily. Like she’d have to tell anyone they had been stomping around in puddles. Their clothes would do that for them. Heather appeared to be giving Zoe’s idea some thought, and she beckoned again, kicking at the water some more just to show off how fun it was.

And then a letter hit her in the face.

Zoe hadn’t even seen the owl coming towards her, and she scrambled to get a hold of it before it fell to the ground. Unfortunately, her reflexes weren’t that good. The letter tumbled from her face, over her hands and into the puddle at her feet. She squeaked in dismay and quickly snatched the letter from the water.

It didn’t take Zoe long to figure out where the letter was from. It may had been wet, but a little water wasn’t ruining that seal, or the fact that her name was written across the front. “Hogwarts!” she cried excitedly, waving the soggy letter. “Its my Hogwarts letter!” she cried again, jumping in the puddle. “Heather, its my Hogwarts letter!” The little girl joined her jumping as Zoe skipped over to her, and she grabbed her hands, jumping some more. “I’m going to Hogwarts!”

She paused a moment with a sudden thought. “What about Ivy and Ezra?” she asked Heather, wide eyed. If her letter came, sure theirs would too. “Let’s go find them!” she called, grabbing hold of the little girls hand and running into the orphanage to share the good news.
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Guest_Gabriel Choi_*
post Aug 1 2015, 12:26 PM
Post #11


Sitting on the highest chair in her grandfather’s study always made Gabriel feel as though she was on top of a mountain. When she closed her eyes, inhaling the stale smell of dust and parchment and the odor of old man, it was easy to remember where she was.

In her grandfather’s study, sitting on the tallest chair in the world, Gabriel’s life changed forever. Not in the way she had expected of course, because she had always thought she would come across a book that lead into another world and get sucked into it and end up living as a princess or a dragon, but in the way that every young pureblood’s life would at some point. It was at the same time that she ate her twelfth almond of the morning. A letter came. An owl tapped on the window, her grandfather took the envelope, inspected it, and handed it to her. It was all very normal, she thought, observing it all from where she sat on the tallest chair in the entire universe. And as she slipped her future out of its papery prison, Gabriel decided that it was as normal as breathing.

It took one look at her grandfather’s wrinkly face for him to understand. She had been accepted.

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Wilder Mackinnon
post Aug 1 2015, 12:27 PM
Post #12

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From: Winterberry Chateau, Salazar's Peak


It was a sunny day, so Wilder hid in the house to avoid the sunlight. One of the perks of living in England was the fact that there were many more cloudy days rather than sunny days. The boy was sitting in his room doing something he liked the most – painting. He was sitting on a high stool in front of an easel, wizarding radio station playing quietly.

Everything seemed so quiet, until Wilder heard something banging against the window downstairs.

At first the boy decided to ignore the noise, but it seemed as though his entire family wasn’t in the house, because the banging wouldn’t stop, "Mum? Can you check what’s that noise?” he shouted, but no one answered him. Wilder got up from the stool and ran down the stairs, checking every window. He finally spotted an owl banging against the living room window.

Wilder let the bird inside and took the letter that was attached to its leg. His first instinct was to leave the letter somewhere on the table, as it had to be addressed to his grandparents, but then he noticed his own name written on the envelope. He turned the letter and saw the Hogwarts crest.

“Mum, Dad?” no answer, “Grandma, grandpa? KENNA!” he shouted again, even though he almost never shouted, “I’m going to Hogwarts!”


{ When r o u t i n e bites hard and resentment r i d e s high }
{ then love, love will t e a r us apart }
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Guest_Ernest Prowl_*
post Aug 1 2015, 12:28 PM
Post #13


There were two owls to greet him in the morning, but the eleven year old could only recognize one. He had grown accustomed to flinging open his curtains and having a pair of amber eyes stare unblinkingly at him in the hazy sunrise.

Unlatching the window to let the birds in, the brown barn owl – Hypnos’ owl – dropped a heavy bronze key onto Ernest’s windowsill. Ernest shook his head, knowing exactly where that key belonged to and that he was in for a very eventful afternoon.

The other owl, silvery feathered and emerald eyed, had a letter clipped in its beak. Ernest didn’t recognize the sprawling handwriting, but the crest he did. It had been emblazoned on Ben’s uniform and on the Ernest’s mind. He was finally going to Hogwarts.
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Guest_Zara Turner_*
post Aug 1 2015, 12:31 PM
Post #14


Even living there for about a year so far, everything in England was fairly new She was used to the rain -- it wasn't like it didn't rain in New Zealand -- but it was raining on her birthday. Of all days. Of course she wouldn't be happy about it. But now that she was a witch, according to her mum, she had the possibility of attending a magical school. The one her birth-father had gone to. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She stood beneath the roof of the porch, waiting for it to arrive, as she rubbed her hands together to keep warm. The cool breeze whipping through the rain certainly didn't make it any better.

But if her mother was right, she was supposed to receive her letter on her eleventh birthday. And it was already nine o'clock in the morning. She'd been waiting for the postman for about an hour, and the rest of her family was still sleeping, warm in their beds. She wouldn't regret being outside in the rain, however, if she was accepted into a school for magical witches and wizards like herself. And finally be where she belonged.

Zara's dark eyes kept an eye on the road, hoping that the postman was wearing a raincoat. She wouldn't want him to get a cold. She tapped her foot excitedly, unable to remain still at a time like this. She blinked rapidly before squinting through the rain, which was now coming down in sheets. She could hardly see, now. But it seemed out of nowhere that a bird came swooping down. The young witch let out a startled squeak and her eyes widened. It was an owl, and it had a letter tied to its leg. Reaching down, she untied it carefully and she squealed in excitement.

Her name was written on the envelope and it was addressed from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She pet the owl gently, causing it to ruffle its feathers before it soared off again into the distance. Zara opened the front door and called out, "Mum! It's here! I'm in! I'm going to Hogwarts!"
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Guest_Bluebell Solomon_*
post Aug 1 2015, 12:31 PM
Post #15


“Moony! Wait for me!” Bluebell gasped as she ran after her twin sister. They had been at the pond near the house, trying to catch turtles and failing miserably. The heat of the summer was waning, giving promise that soon the seasons would change, but still the sun shown bright and glaring over the meadow. Bluebell squinted, trying to see how far ahead her sister was, but as usual she was not wearing her glasses and the blonde of her sister’s head was blending in with the wheat colored stalks they were running through. “I give up! You win!” Moonbeam had declared a race back to the house, and while Bluebell hadn’t really wanted to run, she couldn't say no to Moony.

Either Moonbeam hadn’t heard her, or had chosen to ignore her because she didn’t slow down and Bluebell didn’t catch up. When Bluebell finally made it back to the house, cheeks red from running, she found Moonbeam in the kitchen staring at something on the counter. “You’re so fast.” Blue wheezed through gasps for air, immediately going to the sink for a glass of water. Moonbeam didn’t comment and after a moment of furiously gulping water Bluebell turned back to her sister. She hadn’t moved. “Moony? What is it?” Moonbeam turned to her, a strange sort of anguish on her face and shoved a packet of parchment into Bluebell’s hand. Bluebell set her glass of water on the counter and examined the letter in her hands. It was written to her, and only her, and it had come with a stack of similar letters. Bluebell turned it over, the seal on the back confirming what she had already been thinking.

“Is there one for you too?” Bluebell asked, dreading the answer, because if Moonbeam had also received a letter she wouldn’t look so upset. The mirror image of her face looked back at her, brown eyes that were identical to hers telling her all she needed to know. “I don’t have to go. I could stay here with you.” Bluebell said, finding that the words were getting caught on a lump that was growing in her throat.

“No.” Moonbeam shook her head hard. “You have to go. And I have to stay here.” Her twin quickly pulled her into a hug and then just as quickly let her go and disappeared out of the kitchen. Blubell was left standing alone among the familiar mismatched decorations and brightly colored cabinets. She looked back down at the letter in her hands, and through the despair a small thread of excitement began to unravel. She was going to Hogwarts to be with her siblings, in the world her mother had grown up in. She was going to learn about magic and all the wonderful things that went with it.
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Guest_Pierre Dewaulk_*
post Aug 1 2015, 12:33 PM
Post #16


Pierre sucked in a deep breath, shifting into the next pose of Salutation to the Sun. (Or, at least, Cy Dewaulk's version of it, which was accompanied with a muggle genre called 'Heavy Metal'.) Morning light had only just started to creep through the open blinds of the Dewaulk living room, and everything outside was dim and cold as morning rose. But if he tipped his head up, Pierre would been able to see the neighbours' lights flicker on the other side of the garden hedge. He would also be able to see the glare of distaste from Mr-Johnson-Next-Door who plugged his ears and sculled down coffee in protest of the Dewaulk Morning Yoga Sessions.

The blaring music, a key part of his childhood, was hardly the reason his heart was thudding in his chest and his mind unfocussed. Instead, it was something entirely different that drew his mind away from the relaxation of routine and yoga. Pierre had been prepared for the letter, was the thing. The Dewaulk family had moved to Devon at the start of the summer, knowing that this was the year that Pierre would start at Hogwarts. It hadn't been enough time for the young blond. New Zealand hadn't been home, but it was more of a home than England was and he was already being told to move once again.

The letter, dropped by an owl moments before the Dewaulks rolled out their yoga mats, sat on the coffee table. Even with the minimal movements from the yoga, the family seemed to be moving away from the parchment. It was a weight that pressed down on all of them, although Pierre the most heavily, and broke the serenity of their daily ritual.

Pierre would have to open the letter soon, over a breakfast of oatmeal and malted milk and everything would be official. He would be leaving his Da and his sister, separating their family for the first time since they came together fully, four years ago. Pierre should be excited, everyone had told him that he would be excited, but all he felt was the bubbling unease in his stomach, only made worse by the incense his Dad had lit that morning.

You should probably open it,’ his sister said, eyes wide and smiling once she rolled up her yoga mat. She picked the letter off the table before handing it to Pierre as they made their way into the kitchen. ‘You ready?

‘No,’ he shook his head even as he took the heavy letter. ‘Hogwarts is going to be good though, isn’t it?’ He had heard about it, from Da and his yoga students over the years. Stories of Hogwarts and how brilliant and fantastic it was. Instead he was stuck in the thought that he was leaving, that things were going to be different.

Pierre broke the seal on the back of the envelope, and took in the sight of the parchment before sliding it out and beginning to read the letter from Hogwarts.
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Guest_Adeline Bouvier_*
post Aug 1 2015, 12:35 PM
Post #17



Adeline Bouvier frowned, hands on her hips as she stared around her usually pristine but now brilliant mess of a room. Clothes were strewn everywhere, jewelry and nailpolish littering the bed and the floor. She just couldn't believe it. How could her lucky ribbon be gone? She was certain she had it in here somewhere; she'd seen it just the other day! In fact, she had almost worn it that day, but had decided against it in order to ensure she wouldn't misplace it so she could have it to wear today.

After all, today was a very important day.

"Maman!" Adeline called again, turning and stomping childishly toward the door where her mother had just appeared. "Quel est, mon cherie?" The young french woman reached out and brushed down Addie's flyaway hair, to which Addie sighed in frustration and turned to gesture with a flair at her room. "Mon ribbon, maman," she explained, annoyed. "Il manque."

Her mother was looking at her with an expression of disapproval after taking in the state of Adeline's room. "What is this, Addie?" the woman asked, staring down at her daughter quite sternly. "You cannot just turn your room into a complete disaster area to find one silly ribbon. I can get you a new one. Now, clean up this mess."

Adeline scrunched up her nose in disgust. Silly? Her ribbon wasn't silly! It was important! "Maman!" Addie whined, clearly up[set. "It's not silly. It's my lucky ribbon and I need it! I need it today!"

"Why do you need it today, Adeline?"

The blonde frowned up at her mother, unable to understand how the woman didn't see the importance in this. "Because it's letter day and my birthday and I need to look perfect and have my lucky ribbon with me, mum!" It just made sense. And so, for the next twenty minutes, Adeline's mother placated her daughter and helped her search for the ribbon, though she insisted on cleaning up in the process.

Adeline let out a loud squeal, snatching up her ribbon from the floor beside her nightstand where it had fallen, brandishing it to her mother before tying it messily to her hair and running from the room, leaving her mother amused and yet annoyed in the mess that was Addie's bedroom. Adeline made her way into the foyer and immediately set up perch on the window seat, staring out at the early morning sky to watch for her owl.

It wasn't until around noon time that another high pitched squeal was heard throughout the house. In the next second, a brightly excited little blonde was seen shooting through the house with an envelope marked with the Hogwarts crest held tightly in her hand. "Lexy!" she shouted, rushing off in search of her brother. "Leexxxyyyyy! Guess what!"

ooc; Maman - mother
Quel est, mon cherie? - What is it, my dear?
Mon ribbon, maman. Il manque. - My ribbon, mom. It's missing.
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Guest_Lorcan Paisley_*
post Aug 1 2015, 12:35 PM
Post #18


Lorcan was flat on his stomach, staring intently at the window. Outside the ran was coming down hard, but today was meant to be the Day Of The Letter. Its importance was embedded in his brain. The idea of getting away was making his fingers and toes itch. Alear's Keep wasn't a bad place to live, it was better than Bristol, but living with mother wasn't the same as it had been to live with dad. For one he actually talked and had fun with his dad, but those days were over now.

A sharp rap on the glass had the boy look up. A very wet and sour looking owl was staring back at him, noting his lack of movement, it rapped at the glass once again.

The pushed himself up from the floor and opened the window, letting the bird inside with a small snort. Drops were clinging to its feathers. Instantly it soaked his windowpane. Lorcan wasn't interested in the water, but the letter the owl was carrying, greedily taking it and ripping it open. Grey eyes danced across the words, his smile growing wider by every word. He was one step closer to getting out of here. The Plan Of Freedom was finally under way.
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Guest_Larsen Ambrose_*
post Aug 1 2015, 12:38 PM
Post #19


“Maaaaa.” The apple piece fell right out of Larsen’s mouth and without hesitation the boy picked it up, put it back in his mouth and kept right on walking through the farmhouse doors. With a little extra crunch that he didn’t object to before he swallowed. “Maaaa, I got the eggs.” He called again, that was half of his two sickles covered of his weekly allowance. That screaming whistle was going to be his any day now. ’And I got the miiiilk.’ Senna turned to look over his shoulder at his brother trailing behind him. As sure as Salazar Slytherin had a beard, if Larsen hadn’t wanted milk on his cereal his leg would have shot out faster than the British Quidditch teams seeker in the last world cup. But he didn’t. So he weren’t gonna waste Maitland in the dirt and lose out on his milk. Wheeties were well boring without making them soggy.

Only then he became the soggy one. “OI MAITLAND!” Right down his back, all the way down the back of his leg. ‘Oooow, Maaaa, LARSEN KICKED ME’ It didn’t matter that he stopped dead, “I ain’t the one ‘sposed to be carryin’ the bucket all careful! MAAAAAA, MAITLAND BIT ME.”

“BOYS!” If there was one thing that Ingrid Ambrose knew how to do, it was how to make children under fifteen freeze mid fight and do that blinking thing as they decided if a forty year old woman was worth making more mad. It wasn’t usually. Except then Larsen noticed the letter in her hands and the very specific way she wasn’t making his french toast. “’Chu holding there?” The eleven year old let go of his brother, he knew the stories – when he cared to listen to what his dad said of Hogwarts. But Annie’s lot, she had people that went there, they’d gotten letters like that, right? “Oh Godric,” he whined. “This don’t mean I have to go shoppin’, right? And I ain’t wearing them nappy shoes.” ‘Larsen. Carol. Ambrose.’ He shut up. Like hell he was shining his school shoes though. Ever.

"Ma," Larsen looked from the green ink to his brother, "when Larsen goes to Hogwarts can I have his allowan- OI!"
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Guest_Ivy Gallagher_*
post Aug 1 2015, 12:43 PM
Post #20


“I know you’re here.” Squinting, Ivy peered under the hedge in search for the scurrying feet of the gnome. Most kids didn’t like de-gnoming the gardens, but Ivy found the thrill of seeking out the creatures quite fun -- besides, it was way better than being stuck inside. “C’mon, don’t be a brat.” Ivy muttered, crawling across the grass. Summers passed nicely at Roseburry Orphanage and Ivy had de-gnomed the garden various times, but the creatures always returned. Ivy didn’t even mind the creatures much, but it was a job that had to be done if their plants had any chance of survival. A grunt caught her attention, Ivy’s head snapping around in an urgent manner in search for the source of the grunt.

And then she spotted it, barely; most of the creature concealed by the leaves of the hedge. She took the fact that it wasn’t moving as a good sign, slowly moving forwards on her hands and knees, edging closer and closer -- and she was only moments away when...


It was one of the younger kids who lived in the orphanage; Ivy letting out a sigh as she pushed herself up off the ground, the gnome already out of sight. “What’s up?” She called back, brown eyes finding the younger girl.

“You got a letter!”

Rare urgency soon found home in the eleven year old, because Ivy didn’t get letters, so it only meant one thing. The one thing she’d been dreaming about. “M’coming!” She shouted, kicking off the ground into a run. Moments later, the girl was laying flat on the cold stone floor, a huge grin spread across her face as she stared at the Hogwarts seal on the back of the envelope. She was going to Hogwarts.
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