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> 2 - Your Hogwarts Letter (and how you got it), POST HERE SECOND!
Guest_Nick Jeager_*
post Aug 1 2015, 12:44 PM
Post #21


It was an early and cold morning. The moon was going down and the sun was just coming up at the horizon. It was on a saturday. Nick had looked forward to sleeping till the afternoon, but that wasn't the case for today. The constant knocking didn't allow him to go back to sleep, but he did not know what it was, finally he walked over towards his parents and said, "Mom, Dad, I constantly hear knocking downstairs." He said as his aprents slowly woke up and said, "Hello, who is there?" A constant knocking was done as suddenly an owl was seen.

The owl flew passed the door towards a window and constantly pecked it with his tip of his mouth. it had a letter attached in his mouth. "Look the owl has a letter." His father opened the window carefully and took the letter. "Nick, what have you done?" His father said as the letter was for his son.

They read it all together and saw that he was invited to Hogwarts, a school for wizard and witches.
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Guest_Theodore Ahn_*
post Aug 1 2015, 12:50 PM
Post #22


Most children across the world waited for their birthday, the one day that was meant to be all about them, a celebration of self. Theodore had never quite understood it, perhaps it had to do with having to share his birthday with someone else, that stupid cousin of him that lived next door, the way that day had always seemed to be more of a competition than anything else. Or maybe it was just the fact that he had never been like most kids, he didn’t find the same things funny or amusing and he looked down on those who did, a clear and controlled difference that he had almost maintained.

There was no smile playing on his lips as he went downstairs that morning, the same old cold mask that only broke for a split second when his younger brother surprised him with a hug. Julian was probably one of the only few that were allowed to do it, Theodore loved how silly the little boy could be, a kind of innocence that he had no idea where his brother had found. ’Happy Birthday, Teddy!’ he yelled, making the older hide a small flinch at the nickname that he never really liked. “Thanks, Julia,” he said with a little smile, the most honest one he could master, before he pushed his brother away and continued on his way into the dining room, where his mother was already waiting, along with a pile of presents.

Yoona came forward quickly to wrap her son in a tight hug, planting a small kiss on his forehead, one that Theodore made sure to wipe away with a frown. The young wizard had never quite gotten along with his mother, not because he did not love her but as he found her overbearing and somewhat broken after the loss of the head of the family, the one thing that made it even harder for Theodore to smile. He ignored her as she congrats him, sitting himself next to the table and looking around, rolling as his eyes as he saw Julian starts eating right away. No, Theodore’s birthday was never special, in a way it seems like just another regular day, even if others tried to make it different.

“Has it arrived?” he asked, turning his focus on his mother only after filling up his plate. The woman sighed, already used to the cold behavior of her eldest and knowing what to expect of him. ’It has,’ she said with a little sad smile, not ready to let go of her son just yet, she knew it was his eleventh birthday, she had known this day would come, but in a way, she was still not ready. Theodore waited for her to hand it over and she had, with a small nod of her head and a little smile, his mother hadn’t always been that way, but Theodore knew that losing a loved one was something that brought changes in life, even five years later, he can still feel it. “Thank you,” he said with a nod, taking the letter and offering her a rare smile as he turned it in his hands. Finally, it was his time to go to Hogwarts, finally it was his time to prove his worth.
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Guest_Rose Hayes_*
post Aug 1 2015, 12:50 PM
Post #23


Rose was dancing around her room, turning eleven meant a great many things to the young blonde, the top of which was that she would be, should be, better be receiving her Hogwarts acceptance letter like all Hayes before her had done. Other things such as getting a wand, finally, were also right up there on the list of things that was so awesome about turning eleven! She'd been up for hours now, rarely being able to sleep when it comes to her birthday. After all, her birthday meant family, presents and lots of reasons to smile and be happy!

Hearing a light knock at her door, she called a welcome out as she kept dancing around her room, her new birthday dress floating around her as she spun, making her giggle. Looking up at the door as it opened her smile grew when she saw her dad and skipped over to greet him with a hug and kiss on the cheek. "Todays the day!" she squealed excitedly. Chuckling, her dad nodded and kissed her forehead. "'Course it is sweetheart. And don't you look pretty!" he said, spinning her around with an affectionate grin. "Happy Birthday, Petal." he told her, herding her out of her room and inevitably to the dining room.

"I... I will get in won't I?" Rose asked, feeling a fleeting panic of insecurity. She knew well that she'd shown signs of accidental magic long before now, but somehow there were still moments she wondered if that were enough for Hogwarts to want her. "Of course, Petal. You're a Hayes, theres no doubt in my mind your acceptance letter is in the pile of letters waiting for you downstairs." her father assured her. And so she picked up her speed, near running towards the table where her cards and letter should be, would be waiting for her.

And entering the room, she clocked eyes on an owl, baring a letter with the crest she'd longed for, and shrieked in joy as she ran towards it with singular mind. "I'm going, I'm going, I'M GOING!" Bouncing on the balls of her feet, she felt she could cry at how happy and proud she was to be following her families lineage and going to the best magical school the world had to offer.
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Guest_Atticus Woodfin_*
post Aug 1 2015, 12:51 PM
Post #24


The boy could barely stir from the slumber he had accidentally acquired, his head resting solemnly on the book before him. Tons of them were scattered about the room, donning the names of all the languages he would need to learn if he had actually made it to Durmstrang. That was the plan for now: Make it into Durmstrang, make top marks, pass all of his needed classes and graduate at the top. From there he would return to London, figure things out for a few years and then further his education in ways that no one ever had. He wanted to know everything. He wanted to travel the world. He wanted the Deathly Hallows. Most of all he wanted the world at his feet, recognizing him as the best and etching him into history for all to see. A loud crack of pottery awoke him with a start and he closed the book, looking down at the crest of the school he would soon conquer. Durmstrang: Herlighetens Hus* glimmered in gold underneath it, calling him to the greatness beyond. He packed it quickly into his knapsack and headed downstairs, taking his seat before she could notice his absence.

“Such a disappointment,” the woman sighed, her curls bouncing as she flung the tip of her wand about. Cupboards and drawers slammed shut at the motion, a true work of art if he thought so himself. Two boys and a girl were quietly seated at the table, their heads down and hands in their laps. This was the effect her anger often had, sparking fear or acceptance in her children as they waited patiently for their breakfast. Atticus’s eyes were drawn up to his older sister at once, knowing full well what was going to come. “Squibs! Two of them! In my family,” their mother hissed, thrusting three bowls of porridge in front of them with a deadly glare. “What will people say? What would your father say?” she seethed, staring daggers into him. He didn’t dare to flinch, instead setting his jaw and sinking his gaze into the lumpy looking liquid in front of him.

He could feel her shadow take him as she bent over his head. “I hope you’re happy. Not a single letter in the post came.” He scoffed inwardly, keeping his face and eyes blank as they kept to their target. There was a bit of relief to the fact that he didn’t make it in. He certainly wasn’t ready to leave his siblings and now that he could mark wizardry off his list of abilities, he didn’t have to carry in on the line. “We thought that for sure you were,” she was saying, a note of sadness hanging in the air about her as she settled in her seat. Her hand moved gracefully over, combing through his hair and he looked up at her, the somber look almost killing him in the spot. She left the table, bounding up the stairs and leaving them all behind.

They all looked at each other, Artemis sighing away the breath he was holding as Adrianna smiled up from the hair in her face. As her eyes fell on Atticus, she nodded towards the window, where a tawny owl had been stationed, watching them with interest from the planter on the window sill. The bird flew up just as he heard the water turn on from above, a window opening and a squawk and scream sounding from above. “Sounds like Durmstrang,” Adrianna murmured through a giggle. Atticus found his appetite and began to dig into the nasty breakfast before him, attempting to drown the cinnamon out with some fresh dandelion juice. Surely enough, his mother bounded in, hugging him and dropping a letter next to his half empty bowl. “But… That’s Hogwarts.” She withdrew from him in agitation, then returned to her shower. “At least you’re not a squib,” Artemis called from his other side, grinning as he took a bite.
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Guest_Lachie Fawcett_*
post Aug 1 2015, 12:52 PM
Post #25


Lee was incredibly thankful that he was born approximately a month after the cut off date for Hogwarts. Not only would he be one of the oldest in his year, but that also meant that it would be three hundred and sixty five days before he would have to start thinking about Hogwarts.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t excited. Lee had been looking forward to becoming well acquainted with the infamous Giant Squid and was excited to start learning about magic, but the boy knew that with Hogwarts came dragons and with dragons and came fire and with fire came a crispy, barbecue flavoured Lachie Fawcett. Of course, dragons weren’t mentioned in Hogwarts a History (which he had read cover to cover twenty seven times) but he had met a boy in Hogsmeade once who had sworn it to be true. Lachie wasn’t interested in premature death, so he took it upon himself on educating ways to tame such ferocious beasts. He wasn’t very successful, seeing as he was only an eleven year old boy and taming dragons was barely capable with very qualified adults.

At the sound of a tapping noise at his door on the afternoon of his eleventh birthday, he was relieved and nervous. At least he wasn’t a squib, however, that calming thought didn’t help the fact that he was probably going to be eaten by a dragon before his first potions lesson. Three hundred and sixty five days. Three hundred and sixty five days. Three hundred and… wait… is it a leap year? Funny enough, he dreamt of dragons for the next fortnight.
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Guest_Jesper Ditlev-Gaade_*
post Aug 1 2015, 12:53 PM
Post #26


Jesper had been expecting this since he was a little boy. He was going to get his Hogwarts letter and going to go to Hogwarts. Of course it wasn't any news to him. His mother had gone there and she had told him stories from there. He couldn't wait. Despite knowing that he was going to get the letter and expecting it to arrive some time during the summer, Jesper had been very surprised the morning an owl tapped on his window. He almost jumped up and down with excitement, but he didn't want the babies to wake up to annoy him and take the letter from him.

Instead he quietly sneaked out of his bedroom and downstairs to the kitchen, where his parents were already up. "Mother, father, look." He handed them the letter. He didn't let on how excited he was, but he simply gave them the letter with a crooked smile. He wouldn't want his mother to think he was still a little child excited by silly stuff like going to Hogwarts.
"We're very proud of you." His father told him and Jesper nodded. He knew that of course. He was going to one of the finest schools, of course they were proud of him.

He secretly saved the letter though, keeping it in his pocket and not going to willingly part with it. He treasured it. It was a diploma of a sort proving that he was better than the muggles around him, because he had been invited to join this extra special and completely amazing wizarding school and they had no idea this existed. He was going there and one of the best parts were that he wouldn't have to bring any of his siblings, even if he would probably miss them - he wouldn't admit that to them of course, but he knew that he would.

But right now he was happy to go eat pancakes for breakfast and then go get all his supplies, because that was completely awesome.
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Guest_Yara Brightman_*
post Aug 1 2015, 12:53 PM
Post #27


The weather was overcast and miserable and she had already tripped twice on her way to the breakfast table, but she dismissed them as insignificant details in the shadow of the greatest victory of the day- it was her eleventh birthday! Yara adored birthdays in general, but that fact that it was her birthday, finally, had her leaping out of bed as soon as her eyes opened.

Yara was greeted in the kitchen by her father’s beaming smile, as he wished her a happy birthday. She almost didn’t hear it though- her eyes were fixed upon the enormous chocolate cake sitting innocently on the breakfast table, eleven green candles sticking out at odd angles. Chocolate cake for breakfast? Yara was ecstatic.

She had barely taken a step towards the glorious cake when a loud screech interrupted her trance. The two Brightmans watched incredulously as a speckled brown owl ruffled its feathers importantly on the window ledge. Stunned, Yara watched it hop onto the table (effectively blocking her view of the cake) and drop the letter before her. It pecked at her cake twice and disappeared back out the window. She was about to voice her shock, but one glance at her father sealed her lips shut. Michael Brightman had gone ghostly pale, and he was gripping the back of a wooden chair so tightly that his knuckles had turned white. Yara was rooted to the spot, waiting for any sort of explanation.

“I-I didn’t know you would be one too,” her father finally whispered. He had reached for the letter, and was now turning it over and over in his hands. His eyes looked a million miles away.

“Be a what?” Yara just wanted someone to tell her what was going on. She was frightened and confused. Her father finally turned his gaze to her, and Yara was even more frightened when she saw the raging emotion on his face that he hadn’t bothered to conceal. “Dad?”

Wordlessly, he held out the letter. Yara’s eyes grew with each line she read, and by the time she had finished, the room seemed to have dropped in temperature.

“A witch,” her dad said sadly. “I didn’t know you’d be a witch too.”
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Guest_Lilith Dougal_*
post Aug 1 2015, 12:53 PM
Post #28


Lilith smiled down at the letter clasped in her pale hands, her purple eyes reading over the emerald lettering for she had no idea how many times. Hogwarts wanted her. She was magic just like her brother. Tante Safi had been almost as excited as the girl, wait no witch, the woman had even cried. The white-haired pre-teen could barely believe that she had been accepted. But, she was and soon she would be at the castle with Casimir.
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Guest_Brooklyn Brodeur_*
post Aug 1 2015, 12:54 PM
Post #29


“Brooklyn, you’ve got mail!” Ella Brodeur screamed up the staircase toward her daughter. Brooklyn couldn’t feel the confusion take over her face, wondering who in the world had decided to send her mail. Her mother’s voice had a slight twang of excitement and, whatever the letter was, her mother knew something that she wasn’t giving up, but luckily, she was a big fan of surprises.

The blonde jumped from her bed, slid down the hall on her socks, and scattered down the stairs as quickly as she could. She entered the living room in a rush. “So, a letter? For me?!” she asked, a grin on her face as she stared at the shiny envelope in her mother’s hand. Seconds later, she was the one holding it, and with a severe lack of patience, she snatched it open rather quickly, careful not to rip what was inside.

The parchment inside was thick and tri-folded, she noticed, as she began to unfold it. The crest on the paper was familiar, but it took her a moment to figure out where she recognized it from. “Oh my gosh” she squealed excitedly as her eyes scanned the paper. “Dad told you! I knew it!! I’m going to HOGWARTS!” The fact that she was going to be a witch was more than enough to make her day - her entire year, for that matter.
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Atthis Sergeant
post Aug 1 2015, 12:56 PM
Post #30

sly bunny
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From: #333 Mandeville Place


Yesterday every single spoon in the kitchen drawer had bent itself back to an unusable angle. Although Atthis had denied touching them, she knew that her parents suspected her anyway. It was true in that she hadn't touched the spoons, but they had watched a show about behind the scenes magic and it had sparked her interest. She was certain that it hadn't been her, but spoons didn't just bend themselves, and it definitely hadn't been her parents. The tv show had demonstrated that magic didn't exist, that it was all an elaborate trick that was just as interesting as the idea of magic itself, but it hadn't mattered what part of the spoons she had pulled on, they all remained stubbornly broken. Eventually her parents said they would just chalk it up to the list of unexplainable incidents, but it was a list that had been growing recently, and Atthis knew full well that 'unexplainable' really meant 'yet to be confessed to' in her parents' eyes.

It was her birthday but it was with some reluctance that Atthis drew herself out of bed, and trudged downstairs, not bothering to change out of her pyjamas and clutching the duvet closely around her shoulders. She was still worried about the spoons because as sure as she was that it had been nothing to do with her, she couldn't shake the feeling that it had been her fault. As soon as she reached the bottom step, her parents rushed out from the kitchen and hugged her, and she laughed as her mum carried her into the lounge, dropping her on the sofa behind a pile of presents. Yesterday's mystery had been completely forgotten and Atthis was tearing into her cards, five badges already pinned on, when she reached an envelope with handwriting she didn't recognise. It felt far heavier than a regular card, and Atthis bit her bottom lip as she tore it open, giving a small yelp of surprise as thick yellow parchment fell out. The frown on her forehead deepened as she read.

"Is- is this some sort of joke?" Atthis asked quietly, her hands shaking despite her best efforts not to because that was not grown up at all. "Because it's not funny. It's just not funny. I'm not eight anymore, dad." She dropped the letter that claimed all sorts of things about magic and schools and- a boarding school, she knew she messed up sometimes but the idea of sending her away... "I told you the spoon thing wasn't my fault-"

Her mum scooped her up and plucked the letter from her shaking hands and Atthis buried herself in her neck, knowing that a glare was being sent dad's way, just as it should be. "Honestly Max, this is going a bit far. Atthis, sweetheart, you know this isn't real."

Amelia was within seconds of calming her daughter down when the knock at the door brought a woman from the ministry and an explanation with it.

call me {medusa}
for my monstrosity is not mine to bear

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Guest_Ellie Hadley_*
post Aug 1 2015, 12:56 PM
Post #31


Ellie ran out the back door, jumped off the garden wall and stole the football that her brother had just kicked high into the air. “Mine!” she yelled as her feet landed on the grass, she readjusted her grip on the ball and kept running. Ellie let out a scream as she was whisked off her feet by her dad. “Dad! That’s cheating,” she laughed, gripping the ball tightly to her chest and kicking her legs about to loosen his grip. Ellie let out another squeal as Ethan ducked around them and grabbed the ball. “Mumma!” she yelled, squealing again as she fought Ethan for possession of the ball. “Help!”

Ellie’s mum appeared in the doorway smiling and stepped out in her socks to take the ball from Ellie. “Quick!” Ellie shouted, biting back laughter. Her dad set her down on the grass and began to tickle her as Ethan pulled at the football. Ellie giggled - she twisted and turned, kicked her legs out and eventually managed to break Ethan’s grip long enough to roll over and keep the ball from them. They continued to tickle her sides, laughing along with her. “It’ll stop if you give us the ball,” Ethan told her, making another grab for the ball. Her mum had dashed across the grass and was now at Ellie’s head reaching for the ball.

“Sit on them mumma,” Ellie yelled, knowing that if she tried to give the ball to her mum that they’d steal it. In the next second, the whole family was lying in a big heap on the grass. Ellie’s dad had pulled her mum over who had taken Ethan with her. Over the sound of them all giggling, the doorbell rang. “Who – ” Ellie giggled. “Who is that?” Her mum and dad both looked at each other and shrugged. The postman had already been that morning and they weren’t expecting any guests.

“Maybe it’s aunt Izzy!” Ellie called, throwing the ball away and crawling out from underneath the pile. “I’ll get it.” She dashed in through the back door, skidded along the hallway and came to a stop by the front door. She couldn’t recognise the figure through the privacy glass on the front door so she turned the key in the lock and pulled the door open. “Hello?” she said, not recognising the figure. Ellie’s blue eyes analysed the dress of the person in the doorway as they introduced themselves and handed Ellie a letter with her full name in green ink and exceptional handwriting. It even had a seal on the back.

“Do you think that I could have a talk with you and your parents? I might need to explain a few things.” Ellie’s parents who were now stood behind her in the corridor nodded their heads. She pulled the door open further to allow this rather odd person into her house and directed them into the lounge. As the adults sat down in the lounge, Ellie tore open the letter and began to read. The more she read the more her head filled with questions. “What is this?” she asked Ethan but he simply shrugged and stood in the doorway with Ellie, listening intently to the conversation going on.

She was a what?
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Sara Sorrows
post Aug 1 2015, 12:58 PM
Post #32

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Bicycle propped against the front door of their flat, Sara gave three rapid knocks to signal her arrival. It was a little game they played, so they knew it was their own and not a stranger like the postman or a nosy neighbour.

The front door swung wide open and she was engulfed in a knee-high hug, a grin on her face she patted her sibling's mass of curls before walking through and shutting it behind her. "Muuuuuum! Daaaaad!" They were wide awake by now, probably making lovey-dovey eyes at each other over the kitchen table whilst they had a late breakfast - or brunch as they liked to call it. "Be quiet or you'll wake up old Ms. Nora next door!" Her mother hissed, a slender finger held to her lips. "Come and have some brunch, I made omelettes - your favourite." Sara's eyes lit up, but she made sure to enquire, "Extra -" Before her mother cut her off and finished for her, "Yes, extra cheese, now sit right here." She smiled, patting the empty seat besides her.

A few minutes later, Sara was ready to cut into her extra-cheesy omelette and that was when she was handed an envelope.

One of the prettiest envelopes she had ever seen, the envelope that she had been told so many stories about. Flipping it over, she examined the deal with a massive grin on her face.

'Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry' Sara was going to Hogwarts.

wonder when I'll find p a r a d i s e -----------------------------------------------------------

----------------------------------------------- somewhere there's a h o m e, sweet and nice
caspar's mum. nicholas's left behind. // elijah bray
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Guest_Calista Uchiha_*
post Aug 1 2015, 12:59 PM
Post #33


There were plenty of characteristics to describe Calista, but there were more than enough explanations as to what exactly was Calista Uchiha on her birthday, the one day of the year of which she was the most important of all, the spotlight, the center.

The first reason, of course, was excitedness. Her eleventh birthday was one that had been dreamt about since she had first learned about the majestic castle that she would be going to, the castle that explained the reason that she made a flower burn in front of her eyes, the reason that she had been different than everyone else who breathed the same air as her in the orphanage she used to live in. Not anymore. The blonde was a blur, full of life and energy that hadn't been seen by the girl (witch?) as of yet.

Calista also happened to be thoughtful, that one year out of three hundred sixty-five. The night before in which she had watched the clock's hand slowly tick to midnight, visions danced in her dreams. What if she didn't get her letter? What if she was just abnormal in a way that no one had ever seen? What if she was just stupid enough to believe that she out of all people, could be magic? Yet by the time Calista bounced off her bed, the worries and doubts that the girl had been feeling disappeared, and the inadequacy that she had felt was buried deep, deep, down, somewhere to be found after her special day.

There was a wide beam on her face, and even when chocolate became smeared over it, it didn't falter (after all, those chocolate pancakes were delicious). The one thing that would make her day the best it could be, and that would be a bird soaring across the clear blue skies, clasping an envelope etched with emerald green ink, just for her. Oh, and a flower crown. That would have been cool too.

When for the next few minutes, there was no slamming noise against the window (they really should open it, but eh, she was much too engaged with her breakfast to get up), her face fell. Of course, that was when the realization dawned upon the girl that if the window was left shut, the owl would crash into it, and if it died, she'd have to hold a funeral on her birthday! That'd be a downer- it wasn't as if she had extra flower wreaths lying around (she did, but they weren't special)

Her aquamarine gaze was left gazing at the plate in front of her, scraped clean except for the strawberries- Calista waited until the end for her to savor them, it was her treat. This time, they were the deepest, darkest red that she'd ever seen- even more than the time that the wisp of a blonde had poked herself with a safety pin and watched, entranced, as a tiny bead of blood dripped down her finger. It was as she stared transfixed at the strawberries that she heard her tiny brother's shout.

"Lissa, Lissa!" he gurgled, pointing one finger above her head towards the window. As she whipped around, guesses as to what it was flying through her head, Calista's eyes widened. Frantically flapping its wings across the sky- which was gathering clouds like a magnet, stormy grey ones that were perfect for doing rain dances in- was an owl in all of its glory, plummeting towards the window which Calista finally opened.

There was a smile on her face, a small one that held so much more emotion than her shining grin, as the girl (the witch) tore open the envelop with her name etched on it in shining emerald green ink that she had only envisioned in her dreams.
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Guest_Dakota McClain_*
post Aug 1 2015, 01:04 PM
Post #34


Music was quietly blaring out of the speakers of her radio clock as the sunlight spilled through her curtains. A gentle breeze, coming through her open window, made them ripple with the seagulls singing their usual song. The lapping of the water on the beach could be faintly heard through the hum and revving of the cars driving up and down the road outside her house.

There was only so many times the snooze button would work as the blonde’s alarm kept notifying her it was time to get up but Dakota had other ideas. “Five more minutes.” She grumbled, pulling her pillow around her ears as she turned over. But it seemed even then her bed was alerting her of getting up as she had run out of room to turn over. She fell out of bed with a soft thud, her covers being dragged with her along with the pillow she held to her ears. Dakota let the pillow drop to the floor, her ears being filled with the soft notes of the music which filled her room. She half opened her eyes to see a blurry figure with big beady eyes staring at her. Hands reached up as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes, the world slowly becoming clear around her. Blinking twice she found the two beady black eyes belonged to a tawny owl who seemed to be staring at her.

A scream left her throat as she jumped up, the owl startled by her quick movements flew up to sit on her window sill between the gaps of her curtains. The scream and the others to follow had not been out of fright but more shock to even find an owl in her room. They are supposed to be nocturnal. It seemed her screams had woken the whole household. Her sister was first to enter the room, eyes going to Dakota. “Koda, what is wrong?”

Her parents quickly joined her sister at the door wondering what all the commotion was about especially this early in the morning. “What on earth is going on Dakota?” Her father asked looking to Dakota who was stood on her bed, firmly pointing towards the direction of the owl. Surprise washed over all of their faces wondering why an owl was in their house. “Looks like it has something tied to his leg.” Her younger sister pointed out. Dakota carefully stepped off of her bed before walking over to the owl which stayed perfectly still, not batting an eyelid. It held out its leg to her that held the letter. Quickly untying it she held it in her hand as the owl outstretched its wings before flying back through her open window. She stood for a moment watching it fly into the distance.

Her eyes drifted down to the letter she held in her hand. It was definitely addressed to her as her name was there clear as day written on the front. Turning it over, fingers brushing the seal on the back she knew it was an important letter. She carefully opened it, keeping her back towards her parents, for now wanting to keep it a secret, and began to read the first couple of lines. Her mother’s voice broke through the silence between them, “Dakota, what is it? Come on darling don’t leave us in suspense.” She turned to her parents and younger sister a look of shock written upon her features. She could not believe the words she had just read. Surely not her, plain Dakota from a seaside town, could have been accepted. Reading over the lines once more to make sure she had not imagined them.

“I’ve been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardary.” She passed the letter over to her parents who wore a look of confusion and shock. She, Dakota, was a witch with magical abilities. Deep down she knew she was special and this confirmed it.
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Guest_Ernest Prowl_*
post Aug 1 2015, 01:12 PM
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There were two owls to greet him in the morning, but the eleven year old could only recognize one. He had grown accustomed to flinging open his curtains and having a pair of amber eyes stare unblinkingly at him in the hazy sunrise.

Unlatching the window to let the birds in, the brown barn owl – Hypnos’ owl – dropped a heavy bronze key onto Ernest’s windowsill. Ernest shook his head, knowing exactly where that key belonged to and that he was in for a very eventful afternoon.

The other owl, silvery feathered and emerald eyed, had a letter clipped in its beak. Ernest didn’t recognize the sprawling handwriting, but the crest he did. It had been emblazoned on Ben’s uniform and on Ernest’s mind. He was finally going to Hogwarts.

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Guest_Jesse Sawyer_*
post Aug 1 2015, 01:16 PM
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The bright colors dancing on the tv set were enough to keep him paralyzed for at least two more hours, putting aside his slight addiction. It was far too easy and accessible to be strong for long, and Jesse was never really known for anyone who could help himself from doing what gave him pleasure. And right now, the only thing that could settle his mind was watching the end of that movie, so he may go to sleep with good thoughts in his head and nothing more, which was a hard thing to accomplish on its own, without even considering the person he was avoiding at the moment. His mother was asleep by now, he was sure of it, but he was still troubled by the noises that once in a while came from outside his room. The last thing he needed was to discover she wasn’t in fact, far away in dreamland, and was awaiting for him to come out of his shelter and apologize. As that was the last thing he imagined himself doing, and if she knew him truly, or at least half of what she claimed, she wouldn’t really be expecting him outside.

It didn’t really matter at the end, he supposed, because he had no intentions of doing so whatsoever. The only plans he had in mind was to sit back in his bed and watch the dancing for a while longer. If only life could be as easy as a few bright colors that could be shut off the moment he decides. The day that’ll be possible, he’ll find dragons exist and that there were fairies waiting to pick up the teeth that have fallen from his mouth. He was never quite the fool to really believe in the stuff they sell in stories and movies, but he’d be a liar to say that he never hoped it would all turn out to be true. He was barely eleven, and that often meant hoping in things that could never become a part of his reality.

Jesse shook his head, unraveling the thoughts that have began building in his head and distracted him from the screen. He probably shouldn’t be breaking the one rule his mother made for him, especially not when she was angry at him - he at least thought she was, but he didn’t really care - but why were rules made, if not to be broken? Besides, it was a stupid rule and he wanted to watch the end of that movie. A knock on his window startled him, and he quickly gathered his thoughts and breath before he opened it (should have at least checked first, honestly) to find a strange looking owl, which seemed to be as surprised as Jesse to be found at his doorstep (windowsill, to be specific). But the strangest thing yet was the letter that seemed to be wrapped around it’s foot. Alarmed yet excited all the same, he pulled at the string, only to be met with something that must have been a joke because -- Jesse, a wizard?

Someone has clearly been listening to his thoughts.

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Guest_Romee Everard-Xin_*
post Aug 1 2015, 01:20 PM
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It was a recipe for disaster, really.

Two newly eleven year old girls (troublesome at that!) left alone to wait for their Hogwarts letters in the middle of a bloody forest. Honestly, Rhine Czarny should have seen this coming (and she called herself their mother!)

“Do you see them yet?” Romee could hear Kaia’s voice loud and clear from where she sat, perched on the ledge of the tallest branch in the tree near their tent. It had taken longer to climb than she’d expected, and Romee could have sworn she’d befriended at least two whole squirrels on the way up; and another one now, as she sat with chipped pink nail polish toes dangling off the edge of the branch in a way that could only be described as simply dumb (though Romee Everard-Xin would reject that statement whole-heartedly for she was not dumb -- no, she was a daredevil.)

“Not yet!” Was Romee’s energetic response, one hand steady on the trunk of the tree and the other held directly over her eyes, inspecting the sky with a scrutinizing glare as if the owls would appear almost by… magic.

She grinned -- yes, that had to be it.

Minutes ticked past before Romee’s head began to loll back against the tree in exasperation, her free hand now dangling slightly against the branch in a sad remembrance of the scout-like pose she had been so eager to fulfill earlier. She’d been in the tree nearly fifteen whole minutes, and she could have sworn (as long as her mum didn’t hear her) that the owls would have come by now. This was an utter travesty. Romee’s eyes began to close out of utter exhaustion once the twenty minute mark passed, and the brunette nearly missed the glint of wings behind pillowy clouds, if not for the rustle of branches that accompanied their arrival. She startled, peering at Kaia down on the ground slumped against her own part of the tree, and nearly losing her balance at the shock.

“Kaia!” She announced in glee, “Kai! Kaia! Kaia!!” Her voice was high pitched, clusters of birds taking flight from neighboring trees at the sound, “THEY’RE HERE! THEY’RE HERE THEY’RE REALLY HERE!” Good Godric, now she just had to get down from this sodding tree.
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Guest_Alix Ingram_*
post Aug 1 2015, 01:22 PM
Post #38


They were hiding it from her.

To be fair, her guardians hid a lot of things from her - that much she could gather, because at eleven years old, Alix Ingram was no idiot. No, she was a bright girl, and bright girls noticed things. But bright girls had also come to learn that asking brought her nowhere. And so it was that Alix learned to accept everything that went on around her, while secretly making sure she took note of everything and forgot nothing. She was sure that someday it would all make sense to her - maybe it was one of those "when you grow up you'll understand" kind of deals. But Alix knew that if there was ever a time to make a move, it was now. She'd seen the owl. She'd watched Rat tug at the string and tug it in his back pocket. Later, she'd watched him slip it to Clemence in an old book. The book was now in Kazran's study. And Alix was going to retrieve it, and in the process, get her letter.

Granted this all would be much easier with magic.

And that was precisely what was at stake here - her magical education. Alix had dreamed of attending Hogwarts for far too long, and she'd done her time. Eleven long years of waiting. Now, it was time she got to join the others in their little world. Now, it was time she learned to master her powers as opposed to accidentally smashing the windows when she got angry at her brothers. Now, it was time for her guardians to stop playing games and at last her in on the joke.

She barely had time to make a move, though. The door to the study slammed open, and Clemence lifted her chin until she met her gaze.

"Alix." There was a smile on her lips, but Alix only felt disappointment. She was feeling increasingly oppresed, having to carry through her schemes in the perimeter of the penthouse, and sometimes the building. "What are you doing here? You know Kazran would have a fit if he saw you. Come on down."

"Well that's the issue, you see - or rather, one of them - I can't."

Clemence watched her for a moment before snickering, and then moved forward into the room, As she did this, she uttered some latin words that, along with her wand, brought her safely to the ground. "We're going to have to increase security around here, won't we?" Alix didn't find it funny. There was nothing funny about misteries going on right under her nose, and her being denied the tools to properly pursue it. "Oh, fix that frown, kid. We know exactly why you're here, although Kazran still won't be too happy about you breaking into his study. Again.[/i]"

"Theeeeen we could go on with it and I would stop breaking into your study. I'll just use magic next time." Or at least when she was allowed. She smiled innocently, swaying from side to side.

Clemence shook her head in a way that said, oh, this kid.. She crossed the room and went for the small globe on a stand, and with a spell it split open in two. From inside she pulled out a letter.

Alix said nothing as it was handed to her, trying to keep her grin in check. Success.
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Guest_Mickey Dervis_*
post Aug 1 2015, 01:29 PM
Post #39


Mickey wasn't all that excited. He knew his letter would be coming soon, but unlike most witches and wizards he didn't particularly want it to come. Although he was a halfblood, Mickey preferred muggle life. His mother was a muggle and he took after her side. Magic was dangerous and unpredictable and it frightened him.

He had wanted to stay in muggle school along with his best friend Tommy. His parents however, who were normally accepting and often let him make his own decisions, wouldn't allow it. It wasn't that they hated muggles they just thought learning magic would be good for him. He'd have the best of both worlds, they had told him.

Mickey disagreed but didn't voice his opinion. He always respected his parents and did what they asked, so when his letter came even though he wanted to hide it he didn't. He walked over to his parents and without much enthusiasm he showedv them the letter. Instantly he was engulfed in hugs with his parents telling him how happy they were for him and that they were proud. A few days later he was on his way to Hogwarts.
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Guest_Renee Pennyworth_*
post Aug 1 2015, 01:48 PM
Post #40


During the summer holidays, it was almost next to impossible to find Savannah Renee Pennyworth, or just simply Renee, anywhere else in the humble little home of Number seven, Dumbarton Terrace, but within the confines of her room, with her endless supply of Mountain Dew, Chef Boyardee's Mini Ravioli (beef, in tomato and meat sauce, wrapped up with pasta rolls, really, what more could you ask for?), her trusty laptop, and so many varieties of books, you would think the whole room was made of all the aforementioned items.

So when she got up one morning, the first thing she did right after morning routines was to throw on her glasses, shoot for her laptop, and was soon playing her favourite game. Level fifty-nine, she thought, well that will do for now...

Picking up a book to read, the flame-haired girl heard a familiar voice calling her, "Sweetie, are you up yet?"

"Yes, mama!" Renee called.

"Well come on downstairs."

Renee turned to look at her stacks upon stacks of Ravioli, and began to reply, "Aww, but mama, I'm just in the middle of..."

"There's bacon, eggs and sausages waiting for you, dear."

A dust cloud the shape of Renee was all that was left of the girl at the chair as she rocketed down the stairs, and stood before her parents, Robert and Shirley Pennyworth.

Magic: Enticing Renee with food (especially bacon). It never fails.

Robert, her father, was strongly built, lean, with neatly combed dark golden hair with grey edges, and a thick moustache, while her mother was a short, slightly plump, pleasant looking woman with lighter red hair than Renee's. Both were smiling at her knowingly.

"Well well well," said Robert, "and there's our darling daughter, finally gracing us with her presence."

"Good morning, daddy," said Renee as she scampered forward and kissed him on the cheek.

Shirley walked over and kissed Renee on her head, then said, "Sit down and eat, dear."

The girl didn't need to be told twice. There was a plate with a generous serving of bacon, eggs, sausages, gravy...well, no one knew how to appreciate food as well as Renee could. Grandfather Mortimer came down a little later, greeted everyone, and stepped out for a bit, "I fancy a visit into town!" He said with his slight lisp. Smiling, he took his walking stick, put on his hat, and was out the door.

"I think I'll have a little walk and read at the beach before elevenses, mama." Renee announced as she finished washing the plate and utensils at the kitchen sink.

"Okay, sweetie, stay in the cove, okay?" Shirley replied.

"Elevenses?" Robert asked in confusion as the little girl scampered out the door.

"Hobbit term for a brunch, dear." Shirley replied, while writing a letter.

"Honestly, darling, I do wish you wouldn't keep filling her head with so much fantasies..." Robert began, but Renee was already out of earshot, dashing for the beach, which was not far at all from her home, on Parade Hill, Mousehole, Cornwall.

The beach was very small, with most of the space taken up by ropes tied to a rocky outcropping, holding all the little boats parked there. Picking a nice sandy spot, with a little shade over her head from the sun, Renee settled down to read her book, Lord of the Rings, and passed the time. When a shadow passed overhead, she looked up, and saw a large bird flying by. Looking up also made her notice the position of the sun, and she realized she had been out long enough. Time for something else to eat. She got up and started walking back to her home.

Along the way, she thought of her last visit to the home of her slightly odd and hedgy cousin, Tami Reyes. She was a year older than Renee, and her house had no electricity, preferring to use natural lamps and oil and such. She often joked that Tami's family lived in the eighteen hundreds in the present day. She could never bring her laptop or any electronics though, much to the girl's dismay. Though there was always plenty of reading to do there. Though she thought she would be attending school together with Tami, apparently she went to a special school, which she was never willing to talk about with her.

The shadow of the bird seemed to be right over Renee, shading her, but also catching her attention at last, and she turned to look up. The first thing she noticed was that the bird was, strangely, a very large owl. "Why's an owl flying around near noon time?" She wondered aloud, and then, "It seems to be flying towards me."

As it got lower, Renee finally panicked, "AHH it's coming for me!!!" She shrieked and ran frantically for her house. The shadow got nearer, and nearer, and the girl turned to look back, taking her eyes off the ground, and tripped up over a small ledge. The bird landed on her just as she fell to the ground, raising up her hands to beat away the animal. "Get away from me! Get off!"

The owl struggled to maintain its balance while jumping off the panicked girl, hooting indignantly. Renee scrambled back against a wall, kicking wildly and defensively when she saw that the bird was still trying to approach her, with its wings outspread. It was nearly a meter tall, by her guess, and it's wings outstretched that much longer, grey feathers covering its great body. Why oh why was there not a soul out on the roads or anything? And why did it have a letter in its beak with her name written on it in emerald green letters? Savannah Renee Pennyworth, it said clearly.

"Stay back stay back!" Renee still wasn't prepared to let the bird get closer to her.

The bird hooted, looking quite annoyed, and then just dropped the letter, managing to toss it into her lap with a jerk of its head, and with three flaps of its mighty wings, it was in the air and quickly out of sight. Clearly she made an impression on the bird. Finally alone, and able to calm down, she picked up the envelope. Opening it, she quickly read through its contents. Whoever wrote the letter had impressive penmanship. But more than that was what the letter said. It left a frown on her face, and she stood up, heading back into her house, eyes still fixed on the letter, though she'd read it no less than five times already.

When she got in, Grandpa Morty and her parents were at the table, discussing Renee's school, and that was when they saw the distracted girl, with her letter.

"Sweetie, what is it?" Asked Shirley, who looked perturbed.

"Mama...I got a letter from an owl."

"An owl???" Grandpa Mortimer asked, "Highly irregular, isn't that?"

"That's not regular at all!" Robert barked, "Savannah, you didn't open it, did you?"

"It was addressed to me, look," Renee handed the envelope to her father, while Shirley reached up and took the letter from her. Her father, Morty, read over her shoulder, speaking out one or two words aloud, while Robert stared incredulously at the envelope, holding it with both hands. No doubt wondering how an owl would end up delivering a letter right to the recipient. It was certainly not an experience Renee was inclined to repeat ever again.

"That's incredible!" Grandpa Morty exclaimed excitedly, "A school for wizards and witches. Imagine that!"

"What?!?" Robert snatched the letter from his wife's hands. Shirley went silent and leaned back against her chair. She shook her head, while Robert began to read the whole letter aloud, which Renee had by now memorized by heart.

"It can't be, though, right?" Renee asked, "I mean, witchcraft? Wizardry? That's magic...and that's just fantasy..."

The girl's tone was hopeful, not that it was not true, but that it was true. However, Robert slapped the letter on the table, and sighed loudly.

"Of course it's just fantasy, Savannah. Nothing but pure nonsense, and I regret that I allowed your mother and grandfather to keep on encouraging all these childish, nonsensical..."

"It's not nonsense." Shirley's words, calm, in an even tone, cut right through Robert's speech like a hot knife through butter. And silence filled the little dining area.

"What?" Renee looked at her beloved mother, "Mama, what do you mean?"

Shirley looked at her father, then her husband, and at last to Renee. She extended her hands to her little daughter, who immediately stepped forward, allowing her mother to engulf her hands with her own, "Sweetie, Robert, papa, there's something very important I have to tell all of you...Renee, do you know why Tami goes to a different school?"
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