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> 2 - Your Hogwarts Letter (and how you got it), POST HERE SECOND!
Guest_Briony Holland_*
post Aug 1 2015, 01:57 PM
Post #41


The house was asleep as Briony crept through, feeling the familiar creek of floorboards and the soft feeling of carpet between her bare toes as she traveled from her room all the way down through the maze of her home to the kitchen where the mail was kept. This had become a habit of hers, sneaking around in hopes of finding a very particular letter lying on a counter in the kitchen. It was silly to think that something so sacred would simply be lying carelessly about the house, but the jitters in Briony's bones kept her from thinking of much else. Her acceptance was bound to come any day, and she wanted to be the first to see it and open its envelope, if only to prove that it was real. As Rose came and went from Hogwarts, it seemed to her that the fabled school was only a privilege for her half-sister, and not for her -- when, truly, it was she that deserved it. As summer had approached and yielded its sunshine to a grey world, it also gave promise that it was Briony's time. Nearly twelve, Briony was more than ready.

"What is Mistress doing here so early?" a little voice said from below as Briony carefully opened the kitchen door to reveal the household's head house elf, Tippy, looking up at her with her big eyes. In the many times the blonde had wandered about her big house, she hadn't come across any of their house elves; Briony was just as startled to see Tippy as she was to see her. "I was just wondering --" Briony began as her eyes fell upon a perfectly sized envelope sitting on the counter in the middle of the kitchen, undisturbed. "Tippy, is that...?" A manicured finger pointed in the direction of the parcel with wide eyes brimming with anticipation. It was what she thought about when she could think of nothing else, seeping into her daily routines and thoughts like a disease. The longing she had felt for one letter was more than she had ever felt for something in her entire life; finally seeing it within her grasp took her breath away.

"Yes, Mistress. Tippy had hoped to give it to Mistress at breakfast in the morning." The house elf trotted over to retrieve the envelope with a stamp that had only been a fairytale to Briony until then. "Tippy wanted it to be a surprise." Her voice was filled with sadness as she surrendered the envelope to the very eager eleven year old, who promptly broke the seal and snatched the letter from inside. The lyrical sounds of sadness drifted past her ears as her eyes scanned the writing in the dim light, a warm feeling bubbling up from her chest. "Do you know what this means?" she asked, her voice filled to the brim with an electric excitement. "It means I get to go to Hogwarts!"
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Guest_Elodie Prichard_*
post Aug 1 2015, 01:58 PM
Post #42


There is no other way to slice it, honestly – Summer School sucked – royally. No matter what particular social strata you came from. Banished to this overly hot, miserable place was a sheer purgatory of boredom. And to think, Elodie was stuck in it for the second summer in a row!

For lack of anything better to do, she gave a couple of kicks to the seat of Richard, in front of her. He was one of her mates, and he had long since fallen asleep – so he didn't seem to mind the unrhythmic thump thump-thump thump THUMP her trainer's tattoo'd on the back of the chair. Heck, she imagined he was snoring in key as her eyes darted from the clock on the wall to the window where luckier kids played in the splash pool across the street.

Lucky buggers. What was so special about them? Just the fact that they were able to understand the fine details of World War II the FIRST time around?

Balancing on hand on her chin, she sat up suddenly straighter when something caught her eye in the window. Flying over the heads of her happily scurrying former classmates was a bird. And not some puny sparrow. Something BIG. Bigger than she had ever seen! She wasn't aware that her jaw was hanging down until she felt wetness on her knuckles – ew, she was drooling!

“Er...Mr. McCormac?” She called, raising her hand in the air as she saw whatever it was circle lower and lower, eventually perching on the outside window. “Mr. McCormac!”

“What seems to be the problem, Miss Prichard?”

“There's an owl outside!” She gesticulated wildly towards the window. That woke up several of her other classmates, and started an unstoppable peal of giggles from many of them. They were in the middle of the city – who'd ever seen an owl in the city!? It was lucadris!

“Very droll, Miss Prichard. Now, if we can stop playing games - ”

“It's right Flippin' there!” She insisted, now pointing at the window, were the biggest bird she had ever seen was staring at her with wide, luminous eyes.”Just look. LOOK!”

“Language, Miss Prichard!” Snapped the history teacher. “I think you've distracted this class enough with your usual shenanigans, if we can PLEASE return to the lesson...”

Elodie let our a disgruntled squawk, folding her arms mulishly in front of her over the desk and turning to stare out the window. If anyone else cared to look at the bird, it would appear as if they were trying to stare each other down. And ironically, Elodie would win.

Until it was, her eyes darted towards the latch. And the missing interior screen. If she could just reach it...she was so close to that window.

Arching out of her chair like a cat, her fingers flipped around the window ledge, twisting it out, and shuttling the pane of glass forward.

There was a flurry of grey feathers. And quite suddenly a lot of screaming.


The owl arched gracefully and silently through the air, eventually coming to settle down atop her desk. It tilted it's head in a quizzical manner, clacking it's beak. There was some paper around it's taloned foot, tied with string – and address to her.

Miss Elodie B. Prichard
C/O Classroom 17B
Saint Martin's of Perpetual Piety
London, England

** Direct Delivery

It was weird. Bizarre, but even then, Elodie could only think of once answer to give the irate Professor at the front of the class.

“I TOLD you there was an owl!”
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Guest_Elliot Min_*
post Aug 1 2015, 02:00 PM
Post #43


Elliot Min had always been a curious boy. Being curious was good, it helped many discover a lot of new things. But Elliot wasn’t an explorer, he wasn’t a discoverer, he was just a curious little boy. He stared at the leaf gleaming in the sunshine with curious eyes for a little time before sighing and walking away. The leaf wasn’t interesting enough to keep his attention for a long time.

With hands inside his pockets, he slowly walked out of the house, carefully closing the gate behind him, walking to the house next door. Maybe he would find entertainment there, maybe he would find someone to disturb, someone to play with. It was with disappointment on his face that he found out from his aunt that his Teddy Bear wasn’t home - even though the disappointment wasn’t really genuine. Bidding his aunt goodbye, Elliot again walked with his hands shoved inside his pockets, kicking the stones on the ground.

That was when he heard it.

At the sound of a screech of an owl, Elliot’s head snapped up to the sky in time to see a large owl fly into his kitchen. When he entered his home, his mother’s smile told it all. He was finally going to Hogwarts.
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Guest_Annalise Bolton_*
post Aug 1 2015, 02:14 PM
Post #44


Her mom was pacing by the door when Julian ran in with a broken toy plane. The propellor turned slowly by itself and it’s motor coughed like a sick animal. Annalise exhaled in exasperation as she extended her hand toward her brother. He sniffled and handed her the toy which he had just broken a third time. Her mom glanced at the plane before pivoting back around to press her forehead up against the glass.

“Mama, it might not come.” Annalise said as she prepared to drizzle another layer of glue onto the plastic plane. Julian bit his lip in anticipation at her feet, his gaze never swaying from his sister’s tentative hands.

Her mom stopped pacing for a moment to glance at the clock on the wall when she spoke. “But I know it’s coming, Lise. I know it. Ever since the day you made the baker’s boy swallow his words.”

Her voice trailed off as she began muttering in Spanish, her native tongue. Annalise handed Julian the semi-functional toy and patted him on the head. He grinned, stood and followed the plane back out the door as it seemed to suddenly rumble back to life.

“Alright, Mama. While you wait I’m going to go read.” Annalise said as she slid off the couch. She really did want to get into Hogwarts but she wanted to look brave for her mama. She decided she wouldn’t cry and she wouldn’t get mad. She’d act like everything would be ok because everything was ok. The only problem would be where she’d finish school if she didn’t get her owl. The idea of going to a muggle school never appealed to her.

“I know it’s coming.” Her mama muttered as Annalise reached her bedroom. She surely thought she’d get an owl when she quieted that obnoxious boy. Several weeks prior, Annalise had been at the park with Julian. She was talking to her friend about things they had yet to understand when she hear her brother wail. She ran over to him only to see this chubby French boy calling Julian horrible things because he rather play by himself than with others.

“Why don’t you swallow your ugly words?” Annalise had said the boy.

“Or what?” He’d countered for that was the most intelligent response he could produce.

“Or I’ll make you.” Annalise glared and the boy giggled, preparing to release another cruel jibe when he coughed.

He opened and closed his mouth to try and speak but it was to no avail for no noise emerged from him. In shock, Annalise snatched her brother by the hand and ran home, where she told her mother what happened.

Now, Annalise sat on her bed with her nose in book and wondered why she’d be able to do such a thing if she couldn’t enhance that ability. Then, a shrill voice disrupted her thoughts.

“Lise! Lise! Look! I told you it would come!” Her mother’s voice grew louder.
“Serena don’t kill the owl!” Her father’s voice boomed as they both burst through the door. Her mother was hugging the owl as though it’d fly away if she gave it the chance to breathe and from its feet that longed for freedom and kicked at the air, hung a letter marked with a red wax seal.
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Guest_Bertram Schultz_*
post Aug 1 2015, 02:24 PM
Post #45


All things considered, the reveal of his invitation to Hogwarts was a mighty let-down. He'd expected great eagles, golden-eyed and beautifully-plumed, to come sweeping through his bedroom window; or for the mighty Dumbledore himself to descend down from the heavens to award Bertram with the golden letter in question, and inscribe with a personal missive, or seal the deal with a tear or two.

As it was, in hindsight, he found he'd focused on other incidentals. The shrill whistle of the kettle, and the sound of his mother's upraised voice. A clatter at the door, a thump, a gasp; all signs pointing towards something mighty having arrived in the mail. The rucked fabric of the bedsheet he was attempting to clean, before she or anyone else realised that he'd snuck cola into his room, and then spilt it.

So her, "the mail's here! had been greeted with nothing more than a grunt of assent; and the Hogwarts letter itself, nothing more than the slightest grin.
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Guest_Olivia Jo_*
post Aug 1 2015, 02:43 PM
Post #46


Olivia had read many books in her life. Some fiction, but mostly of the non-fiction sort. And while she had not lived for very long (although today she was a grand age of eleven), her archive of knowledge told her that owls were definitely not a common sight to face in a busy city like London. Additionally, she was doubly sure that owls did not deliver letters.

But there one was peeking through her closed window. It had been staring at her since she had returned to her room from her surprise birthday breakfast. This owl's glare was very unnerving. She couldn't remember when she had last felt this unsettled - having a classroom full of her peers locking their gaze on her during a show and tell was more preferable than being on the receiving end of this owl's stare. Its sharp beak tapped at her window again, more sharply than before. It looked irritated, although she wasn't sure if that was every owl's default expression or something that she did.

Torn between yelling for James or her mother and letting the owl in, she decided to get it over with. Whether that "it" was being possibly clawed to death or inducing some kind of owl infestation onto their flat, anything was better than being stared down by this bird. It immediately flew in when she opened the window and dropped the letter on her bed before flying off. It happened so fast that she was left in a blinking daze.

The manila envelope was thick in her hand. She ran her hand over the envelope, admiring its rich texture, before finally opening it up. It took her a few minutes to break the seal as prettily as possible to retain its appearance. The contents spilled onto her hand. Her eyes quickly flitted over the beautifully inked letters, but she couldn't make any sense of it.

"..Mum? Mum! What- what's a Hogwarts?" Was this some elaborate joke? Surely turning eleven wasn't such a big occasion that would call for a prank like this.

A plate crashed from the kitchen. Before she could call out to her mother again, this time in concern, her mother rushed into her room. "Olivia - I have something to tell you…"
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Guest_Andy Walls_*
post Aug 1 2015, 02:50 PM
Post #47


"Andy, can you get the mail from owl when it arrives? I'm probably going to be busy when it comes," Andy's mum asked him. He nodded his head at her and went downstairs to wait for their families owl to arrive.

He sat in the den tapping his fingers on his knee, bored out of his mind. His little sister came into the room and sat with him after he had been bored for awhile. They talked for a little while but their conversation was cut short when their family owl arrived. He picked up the mail and gave the owl a treat before he wen to give his mothers the mail. He decided to look at who the mail was from as there were only two letters. One was from someone he didn't know but the other one was addressed to him and was from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He had heard the name before since since his mothers had both gone to the school but he had never expected that the school would contact him since his birth parents had been Muggles.

"Why did Hogwarts send me a letter?," He asked his mothers when he went upstairs to give them the mail. His mom took the letters from him and opened up the one from Hogwarts. His mum looked at the letter as well and looked up at him.

"It looks like we adopted a Muggleborn," She smiles.
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Guest_Millie Baxter_*
post Aug 1 2015, 03:25 PM
Post #48


Once a week, the Baxters all ate breakfast together. Millie sat on the chair at the end of the table, her nose in a book, stirring her cereal viciously because it was at its best when it was squishy. She resented being made to wake up early on a Saturday; all of her friends were allowed to stay in bed.

Millie’s father was mumbling on something on the phone and her mum was gesturing for him to hang up. Her younger siblings were pulling at each other’s hair. She was simultaneously annoyed, tired and bored. And also a bit nervous. She was expecting- hoping for- her Hogwarts letter. Her mother said it would come soon, and although she was almost entirely sure she was a witch (her grandfather’s first sign of magic had, allegedly, been conjuring a diamond ring. Although the whole family was completely sure this was a lie, Millie worried she had managed nothing quite so opulent).

She glanced out the window, and noticed something outside. Getting up, ignoring her mother’s instructions to stay at the table, she pushed up the window and let the owl in. Getting owls wasn’t entirely unusual, but somehow Millie knew this one was for her. Maybe it was just because she’d been hoping so hard, or maybe it was something more, but she wasn’t surprised to see her name on the front of the letter.

Millie dropped the envelope in front of her mother, and sat down victoriously. Her Hogwarts letter had arrived.
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Guest_Niska Snow_*
post Aug 1 2015, 03:26 PM
Post #49


The sun scattered threw the leaves of the big oak tree, casting a giant shadow across the grass. Niska had positioned her blanket tent just at the base of the trunk, a colouring book and pencils were scattered haphazardly across the grass, and the eleven year old had a pile of daisies by her side. Piercing each stalk with a nail, she carefully threaded the next daisy through, the chain growing and growing. Mama had told her to keep busy this morning, and Niska knew that could only mean that there was a wedding the Mama had to prepare the flowers for. Although the young girl had offered to help, her mother had turned her away at the door, and sent her outside, the day was more than beautiful and so it was perfect to settle beneath the branches and make a flower chain.

Niska wondered if Maisy and Charlotte would be allowed to come round and play later. She wondered if Maisy would be allowed to come round and play later, last time her best friend had visited it had stormed and their outside adventure had to be cut short. The only bonus was that the following day, Niska was able to find a whole snail family in the garden. But with only four more weeks of the summer holidays left, Niska was wondering what else the two best friends could get up to before they had to go to big school with the older kids.

Kicking off her shoes, Niska pulled at her socks and let the grass tickle at her toes. She hummed quietly to herself and squinted up into the sky, before returning her attention to the daisy chain that she would fix around her neck. Above her head a bird squarked but before the young girl could see it, a letter had been dropped right next to her. It was a fancy letter, like the ones you saw in films, it had a special wax circle on it, and Niska was sure that it was meant for her parents. But as she turned it she was surprised to see her own name carefully written on the front. Why would anyone send her a letter like this? And why had the postman not brought it? Was he on holiday?

Forgetting her shoes, Niska slowly walked to the back entrance of the shop, she impatiently pulled at the wax seal before pulling out some old fashioned paper. Did they not know how to use a printer? Before pulling open the door, Niska was already reading over the letter, there was mentions of magic, and wizards and witches, and despite the young girls imagination, she could only think that this was a joke. What would her mothers think? Maybe this was where she had really come from. Maybe her real parents were actually magic people that lived in a far away place that nobody knew about. But why would she ever think of leaving her Mum and Moma. No it was a silly letter, but she would show Moma any way, just in case.
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Guest_Alice Little_*
post Aug 1 2015, 03:33 PM
Post #50


Alice flipped the page in her book, The Wizard’s Last Stand, and sighed dreamily as she sat on her bed. Summer breaks gave her time to read a lot, but they sure were boring. She heard the kitchen sink turn on down the hall. Sally was making something for lunch, it seemed. Alice went back to paying attention to her book, but again she was interrupted by an unfamiliar noise. A tap! tap! tap! on the window demanded that she look up at it. To Alice’s surprise, a large brown bird was balancing on the window sill. It looked like it wanted to come into the room. This, of course, was absurd. Who’d ever heard of an owl trying to break into a house?

For a moment, Alice studied the bird. It seemed harmless enough, and it had an envelope tied to its foot. She’d heard of carrier pigeons before, but using an owl as a messenger seemed rather unorthodox. Was this some sort of prank? If so, it was a good one. Alice opened the window. “Hello,” she said, although she wasn’t sure that owls understood English. “You can come in, big guy. C’mon.” She held her arm out, and the bird jumped and perched on her forearm. It was lighter than she though it would be, but she was glad she was wearing sleeves. The talons looked sharp, and it would probably hurt if one of them grazed her skin.

“Is this letter for me?” she asked. “If it’s addressed to Alice Little, it’s for me.” The owl hooted and held out its leg. Alice untied the envelope. “Thank you,” she said. The owl jumped off her arm towards the window and with a flap of the wings flew away. Alice looked down at the envelope, still concerned over the strangeness of an owl delivering a letter. Deciding the details weren’t that important, she began to open the letter. The address contained her bedroom, so it wasn’t like the letter had gone to the wrong person or anything.

She tore the letter out and began to read. A smile replaced her look of confusion. She’d been accepted! To Hogwarts! Granted, she wasn’t really sure that Hogwarts was a real place, and the letter said that it was a school for witches and wizards, so that was a bit strange. Alice was fairly certain witches didn’t exist, and even if they did, she certainly wasn’t one. But still… A doubt in the back of her mind that always made an appearance when strange things happened around Alice was suddenly the least doubtful part of her. Still, this was cause for celebration. She’d been accepted t o a school – deemed worthy of learning something special.

“Mum! Mum! I got accepted!” she shouted eagerly as she ran into the kitchen. Her godmother studied her with scrutiny.

“Accepted? To what?”

“Ermmm, Hogwarts,” Alice said, handing Mum the letter. The lady took it and began to read. She blinked, and looked from the letter, to Alice, back to the letter. “Can I go?”

“We’ll have to discuss this with your father,” said Mum. Alice looked at her face carefully, surprised. She’d expected a straight no. This was a hoax. It was silly. There was no such thing as magic. But the once-doubting voice in the back of Alice’s mind grew stronger. Wasn’t there such a thing as magic? She wasn’t sure, all of a sudden. And neither, apparently, was mum. Perhaps this was the boarding school her parents had wanted her to attend. There was little else to do but to wait patiently for Dad to return home.
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Guest_Jacob Howell_*
post Aug 1 2015, 03:48 PM
Post #51


Grey clouds circled overhead, threatening to release a downpour onto the city which lay sprawled out below. Jacob Howell sat slumped on the windowsill of the attic room of his london home. He did not flinch as the first few droplets fell onto his cheek. He did not move to wipe away them away, he didn't move at all. The boy remained perfectly still hanging slightly out of the window, his body twisted so he could look directly down into the alleyway that ran alongside his house. Three floors below him a group of four children were playing. They looked to be around Jacob's age and he recognised them. They were muggles, a few of many neighbouring children who had gathered in the alleyway before in order to peer up at his house. The semi-detached he and his father owned was impressive but any sense of grandeur it might once have held had been withered away by time. The Howell's had not repaired or painted the building in years. His father seemed not to notice, instead spending his time brewing potions and boxing objects to sell to the witches and wizards who came to their door. Jacob did not like his father's customers. They unnerved him and the way they quickly disappeared into his father's work room made the boy suspect that the business conducted there was not quite legal. Not that he would ever ask.

It was a mixture of these aspects; the dirty and rotten house, the frequent visitors and the shady owner that led the muggle children to congregate outside. The house obviously held an air of mystery for them, and Jacob watched as one of the boys giggled and pushed a girl towards the stone wall. She shrieked and ran behind him as if the walls themselves could bite. Jacob's face soured. He hated these children. More than once they had spotted him watching them from his window. They had shrieked cruelly and shouted insults. Freak they called him. Some of the children had yelled to the others that he was deformed, which was why he never left the house. Others suggested he was just stupid, which explained why he didn't attend their muggle school. If only they knew what he really was. Once, the young wizard had longingly told his father how he wished he could hex them. His father had laughed, obviously delighted at his son's anti-muggle disposition.

But he was too young for that. For now, he had to settle for the stones he held clenched in his fist. Grey eyes flashed dangerously as they narrowed. Taking aim, Jacob was about to throw the first stone down into the alley below when the door to his attic bedroom swung open. "Get down from there, boy" clipped his father, shuffling into the room "and take this". An envelope flew through the air and landed in the boy's outstretched hands. He turned it over, spotting first that it was already opened and second that the Hogwarts emblem was emblazoned on the front. He was in. Pride spread through his chest. Of course he was. The boy's gaze lifted from the open envelope to meet his father’s heavily lidded eyes. Selwyn Howell’s previously drawn expression suddenly contorted as his lips lifted into a tight smile. The effect was quite disturbing. "Happy Birthday, son".
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Guest_Leonie Chatelier_*
post Aug 1 2015, 03:53 PM
Post #52


Quills and crayons were scattered all around her. That was what one would see should they step into the room and look at the sleeping girl's face. She looked pleasantly asleep as if she was being swept into a wondrous dream of giant cakes and tasty drinks. She stirred. The blonde stretched her arms and legs, then rolled over to her left. Thereby, falling off her bed. "Owie.." She yawned as she rubbed her sleepy eyes. Leonie wasn't really good friends with morning but she didn't hate it either. Her hair looked like four turtle doves used her head as a nest and there was a dried drool trail on the corner of her mouth. She tried to collect her thoughts and collect her composure. But the girl only ended up stumbling into her older cousin, Aspen. "Sorry Aspie." She mumbled and walked half dazed to the bathroom. If she was with her grandmother, she would have awoken earlier and looked more decent in the morning.

It took Leonie over an hour to get everything fixed. Her hair, her face, her dress, and her thoughts. So now, she went and sat on her bed. Ink spilling lightly on her favourite blanket. But she didn't take notice, Her thoughts were on the beautiful artwork that looked like it was pushed to the foot of the bed along with a pillow. She peered at the masterpiece she was working on. The chicken scrawl handwriting and the barely coherent drawing greeted her blue eyes as a look of utmost seriousness befell on her face. Leonie grabbed a crayon and began drawing squiggly lines across the paper.

"Yonie, you received an owl-sent mail." said a male voice, but it didn't even go through Leonie's consciousness as the girl happily doodled on her paper. "Hey, Leonie." then the owner of the voice touched the girl's shoulder. "Merlin's Fruitcakes!" She exclaimed, jumping in surprise. "Cyprie~ You scared Yonie!" She said, and clicked her tongue at her older cousin. Cypress chuckled and ruffled the girl's hair. "Come on, you've got a letter. Don't you want to see it?" Although Yonie had this heavy French accent lacing her every word, it wasn't too difficult for her relatives to figure out what she was saying.

"From Maman?" She asked, immediately forgetting her drawings and turning her attention to the envelope that Cypress held. The man handed her the envelope and she happily looked over the address. But what she saw wasn't the name of her mother. It was the name of her new school.

"Cyprie, Yonie is going to Hoggies just like Oakie! And then Yonie is coming with Rowie to Hoggies too!"
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Guest_Aron Stark_*
post Aug 1 2015, 04:07 PM
Post #53


“Come on Aron finish your eggs,” the short woman said gently rubbing his shoulder. Eggs were no good cold, Aron realized that but he always took forever to eat, sometimes pushing whatever was on his plate around with his fork as he stared down at it absentmindedly, or looking out the window without even realizing he hadn’t moved for five minutes. His mother, however, always tried to keep him on task, so being the good boy he was he sighed and picked up his fork again and began to eat the lukewarm eggs slowly. He heard his mother just sigh then head out of the kitchen to grab the post.

Though most kids would be thrilled that it was summer Aron would much rather be back at school. At school there was structure, there was learning, things made sense there. He enjoyed sitting in the classroom, doodling on his paper as he day dreamed or sneaking a book when his teacher wasn’t looking. Summer was too disorganized. Summer people would look at him weird if he was sitting on his front stoop people watching rather than riding bikes out with the other kids or taking trips to the beach. School was where he belonged, despite how mean some kids were to him.

When he heard the soft footsteps of his mother, Molly, enter the room Aron glanced up slightly with light green eyes. “You got mail,” she said in a cheerful voice and placed the letter down next to his plate. Aron frowned slightly and picked it up, reading the address in emerald green writing. Who hand wrote addresses anymore anyway? He turned the letter over to the seal he didn’t recognize. It was probably a mistake but Aron opened it anyway, and hence opened up a whole new life for himself.

Things would finally make sense.
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Guest_Veronica Lennox_*
post Aug 1 2015, 04:08 PM
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Brown eyes stared at the piece of parchment in her hands; the brunette blinked, unsure of what to feel. Veronica wanted not to care - it was her natural reaction. However, there was a part of her that was feeling a little happy. Excited, almost. This magic side of her, this part of her biological family - now, it was officially hers too. Veronica was a part of this that was theirs - Jeremy's. Marlene's.

And yet, she despised it. She wanted not to care and a part of her - admittedly, the bigger part - wanted to tear the acceptance letter apart and not attend Hogwarts. After all, it all became part of her now - for the majority of her life, the brunette hadn't known that this would be part of her journey. And even if she wanted to explore it, she also didn't.

A sigh escaped her lips as brown eyes blinked and the witch - how strange that sounded, witch - folded up the piece of parchment, the inked letters already printed in her memory and Veronica quickly shoved the letter inside her bag. Picking up her ballet shoes, the brunette threw her bag over her shoulder and left for her dance lesson.
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BANNED_Reika Terra
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It was a bright afternoon for Reika as she watched her mother and father play a board game called Go. Oriana used white stones and Gestalt used black stones. They were all outside on the patio of Ceres Chateau and the weather seemed to make Reika feel as if Mother Nature herself is in a happy mood. Reika watched with interest as her parents were claiming territory and trying to encircle each other’s pieces to remove them off the board. She had to admit that Go looked more difficult than chess even though everything looked so simple. If she had played on a smaller board, then it was easier.

“Japan has an institute called the Mahoutokoro School of Magic.” Gestalt was saying. “I don’t know where it’s located but if it had been in Kyoto, I’m willing to bet that they have an interesting sorting going on.”

“Oh really?” Oriana asked before encircling and removing one of Gestalt’s black stones. “Hogwarts has Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff so what would Mahoutokoro use for their version of houses?”

“They could use the four divine guardians of Kyoto.” Gestalt explained. “There would be Seiryu, the Azure Dragon of the East. Then there’s Byakko, the White Tiger of the West. Then Suzaku, the Vermillion Bird of the South. Finally, there’s Genbu, the Black Tortoise of the North. They also correspond to the seasons Spring, Fall, Summer, and Winter respectively.”

“That’s sounds awesome.” Reika said.

“They were originally symbols from the Chinese constellations and many of the countries that adopted them added or modified them for their own use.” Gestalt added as he placed another stone on the board. “I’m still trying to figure on who borrowed from whom despite the records.”

“It’s all relative but you should remember that there are so many sides to a story and the truth is somewhere in the middle of it all.” Oriana replied while placing another stone on board.

Reika heard a screech before seeing an owl flying towards them and dropping a letter onto the table. She saw the Hogwarts crest and her name on it before quickly opening it. “It came! It came!”

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Guest_Joshua Eliot_*
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Joshua was surprisingly enough, a morning person. The fact that his letter was coming today had influenced this even more. As he'd been hovering around the living room for the past hour and a half. His sister wasn't even awake yet (not that she had any particularly exciting reason to get up today). His father had left for work twenty minutes ago, and his mother was probably still trying to wake herself up with copious amounts of caffeine.

This left him guarding an open window. He wasn't even sure he'd blinked since he'd sat himself on a the windowsill. Sooner or later the owl had to appear, and he would meet it. He was slightly distracted by the sound of footsteps on the stairs, meaning Jenna had finally decided to show up. He looked away from the window to call out to her and ask if she'd like to wait with him. After all, she wasn't going to Hogwarts. Not to mention that a little bragging wouldn't hurt anything. Except as soon as he started speaking he could hear the heavy flapping of an owl's wings.

His head snapped back towards the window, awestruck. This owl held his future in its claws. He was almost there. "Mum! Jenna! It's here! " he shouted, already untying the letter from the owl's leg and wondering what on Earth he was heading into.
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Guest_Crash Waverly_*
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  On Crash's eleventh birthday, his family held a decent sized party and invited all of his close relatives and friends. His mum stayed home from work, and his dad took a break from his latest project to celebrate. He had an elaborate cake and many nice gifts but that wasn't the best part of his evening.

     He started sorting through the cards he had received and opened, seemingly all of them. After he read the last one he had, his mum turned to him and said, "There's one more for you to open." She then handed him a letter addressed to him from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He knew that could only mean one thing and excitedly ripped open the letter. He was so happy and couldn't wait to attend school in the fall. Luckily, he wouldn't have to wait long because his birthday is on July 7th.
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Guest_Cassie Cinderbolt_*
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The most glorious music that could ever possibly exist was blaring from her alarm clock, the skies a remarkable shade of their own pleasant grey. She opened the window to welcome it to herself, sighing merrily as little beads of happiness came to her eyes. "What a lovely day!" she bellowed, and the rain bellowed back with tiny kisses, drenching her with love to the very bone. She separated herself from the sill, sighing happily as she floated back over to the alarm. She tapped it gently, hearing the fatal click of the off button before she soared out of the room.

The stairs met her like an arch nemesis as she toppled over the first few steps, steadying herself with a soft "oomph" before treading onward with increased caution. At the foot of the stairs she bounded forward, her smile a mere fraction of the joy she was feeling. Eleven. She was finally eleven. There wasn't much that came with eleven, really, and most of her peers thought her to be a bit insane at the way her happiness seemed to increase tumultuously with each passing year. She strode into the kitchen with her head held high, her cheeks flushing at the cake that greeted her from the middle of the table. "Happy birthday Cassandra!" it said, and it couldn't have been more perfect. Her mom was slaving over the kitchen, banging dishes in aggravation as her father rewrapped an expensive blender that she had bought. "Good morning, sweetums," he said as she entered, standing and returning her grin with a well-placed kiss. Her mother simply grumbled under her breath for a moment or two, wiping her hands on her apron before turning on her daughter. "Eleven years old today," she breathed, embracing the girl in a hug. Cassie squeezed her mom happily, taking in the scent of apples and vanilla.

"Can we go to London today?" she asked, hopping into her seat and helping herself to a piece of toast. Her parents looked at one another, anger hidden behind the need for their daughter to think otherwise and her father sighed. "It depends on whether or not your mum can handle it," he said, his words just as sharp as they were soft. Her mother gave him a meaningful look and he abated, rolling his eyes into his cheerios. It was then that it happened-- completely bizzare and absolutely out of the ordinary. A loud thwack resounded through the house, and then several bumps followed by a heavy screech. "What was that?" her mom asked her husband, eyes trained on the dining room. "Dunno," Dave responded, standing up to get a better look. Cassie pummeled through the archway and gasped at the sooty bird lying on the carpet. "Dad! It's an owl!" she answered them disbelieving, holding it up by its claws. The creature waved it's wings frantically as it looked around at them.

"Cassandra? Could you please put it down?" her mother asked, her voice quaking as she trembled. Katheryn never truly liked birds and the bigger they were, the harder it had been to convince her otherwise. Cassie smiled up at her mom before gently placing it in a pile of chimney dust and it regained its focus, waddling over to an envelope before taking flight again. Her mom let out a scream as it took flight, circling the room and dropping the letter plum on the top of Mrs. Cinderbolt's head. She reached up and plucked it in fright, looking confusedly at the address before handing it to her daughter.

Cassandra Cinderbolt
Bedroom with the Beats
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Guest_Corinne Everton_*
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The house was quiet without the little one's laughter and running footsteps following her wherever she went. Cori missed them and she missed her grandparents but she didn't want to miss a thing what with her Hogwarts letter due to arrive any day now. She would see them again, she knew, and that's what kept her from being sad. She could hear the sound of the ocean waves lapping at the shore from her open window, feel the heat of the August sun on her pale skin as she rose out of bed, her nose taking in the mouth watering scent of the bacon her mother had on the stove for breakfast.

Stretcing and yawning, she made her way to the kitchen, her slippers shuffling against the hard wood floor. She stopped a moment to kiss her mother on the cheek and nick a bit of bacon from the pan before joining her father, nursing his cup of tea at the table. The post had already arrived and as she had done every morning since her eleventh birthday had passed, she grabbed the stack of parchment rolls and envelopes, greedily going through them for any sign or semblance of her letter.

There was a strange hush in the room and she could feel both of her parents' eyes on her as she flipped rapidly through the mail. An odd thumping started up in the center of her chest and a grin began to tug at the corners of her lips. She could feel it. Today was the day. Something in her told her so.


A sharp cry of sheer joy and excitement burst from her lips when her honey brown eyes caught sight of the thick, yellow envelope adorned with the Hogwarts crest. Her full name - Miss Corinne Eliza Everton - was printed in neat letters. She slit the seal carefully despite the adrenaline flooding her veins urging for her to rip it open and quickly read the words that she had been longing to read all summer, hardly taking a pause to breathe.

"Congratulation darling," her mother said proudly, the bacon momentarily forgotten, "Best send an owl to your grandmother and tell her the good news."
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Guest_Darla Kingsby_*
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From the minute she woke up on the twenty-fourth of June, Darla Kingsby felt a faint tingly sensation in her abdomen. She supposed it was just birthday excitement, but even that was rare as her parents only paid her a smidgen more attention on her birthday. The usual morning routine ensued - Tina and Lennox, Darla's parents, awoke early in the morning and began hustling around the kitchen. Darla usually awoke just as they were leaving, but today she willed herself out of bed in hope of receiving a quick "Happy Birthday."

The newly eleven-year-old wasn't disappointed in this respect; her mother and father both gave her a swift kiss on the cheek and departed shortly after saying that happy phrase. On the kitchen table was a small stack of presents, taunting Darla to give in to the temptation of ripping them open then and there. She recognized she should wait for her parents, but in the back of her mind she couldn't help but think how silly it would be to do so. After all, it wasn't as though they would have a lengthy dinner and discussion the coming evening.

Still, Darla wasn't one for breaking tradition, and the fact remained that she waited every year for her parents to come home late in the evening and scarf down a small meal with her before retiring to their bedroom.

The blonde knew she had nothing important to do, as it was summer holidays. This made for a rather boring and lonely birthday, but no different than the last eleven years. She milled about for a while, reading books and organizing shelves. Just when Darla propped herself up into a headstand, determined to beat her last record of forty-seven seconds, a sharp rapping was heard on the window. The girl started and toppled over, finding a small owl at the window. This in itself was no surprise, but after receiving the letter from the owl Darla noticed something strange: the letter was addressed to her. Excitedly, she tore open the envelope hoping with all her might that it was a special birthday letter of some kind. What she found instead was something that made the tingles in her stomach explode into radiant fireworks.
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