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> 4 - The Absence Thread, ~ and for when you need to be gone
*Supreme Mugwump
post Sep 29 2008, 02:46 PM
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Wizard of Protocol
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Everyone needs to be gone at one time or another. In order to let your role-playing partners know when you will need to be gone, you can post in this thread with information about your absence. Absences can be described as Short-term or Long-term.

Short-term Absence

What is it?
A short-term absence is any absence that is longer than 3 days, or shorter than 2 months. You do NOT need to post an absence if you are only going to be gone for under 3 days. Generally people will be patient for a few days at a time.

Posting in this Absence Thread will NOT save your account if you do not log into your accounts longer than 2 months. This thread is only intended as a way to tell anyone you are RPing with that you need to be gone for a time.

How does it work?
You should make a post below, using the following form:
[b]Character Name(s):[/b]
[b]Date you will leave:[/b]
[b]Date you will return:[/b]

Do not post here if you are just going into a period of "slow posting". This is intended for true absences. If you find you need to cut back on posting or cannot finish a thread, you should do the polite thing and PM the person you are RPing with. If you find you are in a "slow posting" phase, you can put a message saying this in your signature.

What if I have more than one character?
If you have more than one character and need for all of them to be absent, you can either put all of their names in one form, or make a separate post with each character (this is helpful if you want to keep your alters a secret).

You need NOT put all of your accounts on Absence if you 'need a break' from one account.

How will being absent affect my post requirements?
Students who do not make minimum post count for promotion to the next year will not be excused due to an absence, and will therefore fail to advance to the next year. Adults who may have work post requirements MUST make arrangements with their work area staff member to be excused from work threads due to an extended absence. This can be arranged through a PM.

Be aware, however, that no account will be excused from making required posts counts due to absence if it is discovered the handler is continuing to post with their alter accounts. We DO allow excused absences from work -- but only if it's a genuine absence from the board entirely, and not a "trade-off" of posting from one account to the other.

What if I'm gone longer than 2 months?
BE AWARE!! Posting in this thread will NOT save your account from deletion if you do not log into your account for over 2 months. If you feel you may be gone for longer than 2 months, you need to arrange for your account to be placed on Inactive status (see instructions below).

If you do not log into your account for over 2 months, it will be deleted without notice.

What should I do when I return?
Please post in the "I've Returned" thread (with the account you posted here with) when you return, and your post in this topic will be deleted.

Long-term Absence (aka "Inactive" status)

What is it?
A long-term absence is any time you will need to be gone from the board for over 2 months. As stated in our ToS, any account not logged into for 2 months will be deleted without notice. However, we do allow members to be gone for up to 6 months from this board IF they place their accounts on Inactive.

"Inactive" status means your user group will be changed to "Inactive", and you will be unable to make any posts, nor read any posts on this board. You WILL be able to use the PM system. Your account will be saved even if you do not log on for up to 6 months.

How does it work?
If you need to put your characters on Inactive, you will need to PM a Governor directly. The Governors you should contact are:

Governor Oz
Governor Mac
Governor Daisy

There is no form to use, but you should try to give some explanation of why you will be gone, and some idea of when you will be back (although it is fine to say "I'm not sure when I will be back"). Please tell the staffer in that PM the names of all of your accounts.

BE AWARE! You cannot put one character on Inactive status and keep your alter accounts "active". When you choose to go Inactive, ALL of your accounts will be put Inactive. Inactive status should never be used to "juggle" different accounts around. If you cannot find the time to play all of your accounts, you probably have too many accounts and should delete some of them.

How do I get off Inactive status?
To return to active status, you will need to PM one of the staff members above again, tell them you wish to return to Active status.

Once your account returns to Active status after being on Inactive, you will not be allowed to return to Inactive status again for 3 months.

What will happen with my character's job when I am on Inactive?
Unfortunately, it's just not fair to other characters to have your character hold a job position for up to 6 months. Your character will lose their job if they are on Inactive for over 3 months.

What will happen if I'm gone for longer than 6 months?
Once your account has been on Inactive status for 6 months, you will be sent an "email" (not a PM) to the email address on your account, warning you that your account has reached its 6-month limit. If you do not contact the staff within 48 hours of that message being sent, your account will be deleted.

By joining Potter's World you indicate that you have read and do agree to abide by these rules. Failure to do so may result in warnings, disciplinary action or removal from the boards.
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15JUL10 -- changes to Admin contacts
11MAR26 -- reposting; formatting changes but no content changes

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Brynne Kysely-Holloway
post Jun 7 2017, 05:02 AM
Post #2

Intermediate Player
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From: always with Beau


Character Name(s): Brynne Kysely-Holloway, Declan Brady and Eva Holkend
Date you will leave: honestly a week ago
Date you will return: unknown


bumble bee & strawberry girl & green thumb & BEAU'S TWIN & ringed fingers & crybaby & b. stark & l. mathis
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Matthew Kohler-Reed
post Jun 8 2017, 08:01 AM
Post #3

Expert Player
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Joined: 17-December 16
From: among the stars


Character Name(s): Raven Verbeck
Date you will leave: June 6th
Date you will return: Uknown

Extending absence for a friend!

16 + lyanna's icarus + lenny's misfortune + hopelessy callista's + eloise's heartline + raven's thorn + 5'10"
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Teal Abernathy
post Jul 18 2017, 11:56 AM
Post #4

Novice Player
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Posts: 256
Joined: 5-February 17
From: #12 Bowen road, London


Character Name(s): Valerie Stirling | Teal Abernathy
Date you will leave: 15/7
Date you will return: 22/7

Something has sprung up in RL that needs to be taken care of. Will be back shortly.

You & Atlas
seeker . rusty . the hair { are one & the same, my dear } prince charming . 5'9 . m.h

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Richard Harrison
post Jul 19 2017, 03:18 AM
Post #5

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Character Name(s): Richard Harrison, Marina Maxwell
Date you will leave: today
Date you will return: after shutdown. i'm moving soon and just won't be able to focus on pw with everything else going on in my life.

say whatever you have to say, i'll stand by you

bethy's sunshine mo's friend cooper's clueless husband
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Sally Fuller
post Jul 29 2017, 01:35 AM
Post #6

all you need is faith & trust
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From: in the kitchen, licking the spoon


Character Name(s): Sally Fuller
Date you will leave: Yesterday
Date you will return: Tuesday (Aug 1) After shutdown

I've got family in town for the weekend!

Edit: I've got too much on my plate with the kids starting school in the next week, so I'll try to wrap my mandatory posts, but it's not looking likely. See you after shutdown!

This post has been edited by Sally Fuller: Aug 2 2017, 01:44 PM

You've a good heart. Sometimes that's enough to see you safe wherever you go. But mostly, it's not.

Sister. Mudblood. Nothing else matters, yeah?
(super slow posting!) Neil Gaiman// C. Ramsey
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Eric Winthrop
post Jul 29 2017, 12:29 PM
Post #7

Wayward Son
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Posts: 418
Joined: 23-July 16
From: The depths of Hell


Character Name(s): Eric Winthrop
Date you will leave: 1st August/during shutdown
Date you will return: 30th August

So I'm doing this early because I'm going away for the entire month of August and internet will be few and far between. I'm going to attempt to try and post when I'm there but there will be times when there is just no internet.


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Ruth Reitman
post Aug 1 2017, 08:43 PM
Post #8

moi tout seul
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From: #50 Vicarage Road


Figured I'd get this in now before shutdown/before I forget. Going on a family vacation, so PW will not be a priority for me during that time.

Character Name(s): Ruth Reitman
Date you will leave: August 9
Date you will return: August 20

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it was long ago and it was far away

and it was so much better than it is today
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Alec Lowe
post Aug 3 2017, 09:59 PM
Post #9

Her rainbow
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From: Aisling House, Dubin, London


Character Name(s): Alec Lowe, Stella Lowe
Date you will leave: Friday August the 4th
Date you will return: Monday August the 14th

Most of my absence is during shut-down, but just to make sure smile2.gif

Everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain
Louis' & Stella's & Cecilia's papa Antoinette's husband Irish accent 35 years old 6'2'' Ricky's Godfather

But you can't have a rainbow, without a little rain.
Wilder MacKinnon Unknown
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Annie Mcintyre
post Aug 5 2017, 06:20 PM
Post #10

ice inferno
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Posts: 1,067
Joined: 31-July 15
From: Exodus House, London


Character Name(s): Annie Mcintyre, Oleander Walker, Hollow Sen
Date you will leave: 4/8/2017
Date you will return: 23/8/2017

I've got the busiest of weeks coming up, and while I hope Shut down will help alleviate some of it, I know it's going to be a bit hard. I'll try to post in Quidditch and other important things as soon as possible. Thank you.

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Aletheia Fallere
post Aug 5 2017, 08:42 PM
Post #11

Intermediate Player
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From: Highforte Farm, Hexham, Northumberland


It's been pretty apparent I've been slacking lately. I will be on holiday getting ready for school this month hopefully getting things in order quickly enough for me to return.

Character Name(s): Aletheia Fallere
Date you will leave: After Shutdown begins
Date you will return: ~August 19 OR ~ August 23

A sudden s l i p from where . . . . . │ scorpio • 16 │ gsc ║ ace's equal // arie's adherent
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Taner Demirci
post Aug 13 2017, 12:26 AM
Post #12

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Posts: 2,081
Joined: 10-October 15
From: Hideaway Cottage, Hengist Way


Character Name(s): Taner Demirci
Date you will leave: today Aug. 12
Date you will return: unknown

Focusing on being there for family through a medical emergency and won't be on pw at all.


"be c a r e f u l with that one, love, he'll do what it t a k e s to survive."

29 | father | godfather2 | husband | currently in azkaban | murderer | retrocognition | ciam grad | disowned | 5’6
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Elizabeth Connolly
post Aug 14 2017, 09:16 AM
Post #13

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From: Connolly House, Kilkenny, Ireland


Character Name(s): Elizabeth Eames, Felicia Atwood & Cassidy Connolly
Date you will leave: Today (though it was days ago, really)
Date you will return: Saturday (19th)

On a week holiday!

5'7" a reader lives a thousand lives before (s)he dies 30s

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Lucinda Nightshade
post Aug 14 2017, 01:42 PM
Post #14

Expert Player
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From: House of Misfits


Character Name(s): Lucinda Nightshade
Date you will leave: Tomorrow, 8/15
Date you will return: Should be Saturday evening sometime, 8/19.

Posting this today so I don't forget tomorrow.


amazing set by alice in wonderland @shadowplay
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Elena Belvedere
post Aug 17 2017, 07:18 PM
Post #15

Expert Player
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From: Old Norton Hall, Hertfordshire


Just precautionary ^__^
Character Name(s): Elena Belvedere
Date you will leave: Aug 17
Date you will return: Aug 24

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