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> 4 - The Absence Thread, ~ and for when you need to be gone
Ariana Jones
post Apr 23 2016, 04:18 PM
Post #21

Novice Player
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Posts: 183
Joined: 1-August 15
From: Aonyx House


Character Name(s): Ariana Jones & Tristan Sterling
Date you will leave: Monday, April 25th
Date you will return: Monday, May 2nd

Right now the focus is to get Ariana to safety, but after that I need to take a break to recharge my batteries, as it's been a long month with literally no days off and failing muse. I've got two trips planned for next week and I really want to focus on being in the moment instead of stressing about whether or not I've made my posts.

victoria's shame . benjamin's unknown . eighteen . hufflepuff . madeline's protector . phillip's twin image
always oswin's name twin . samuel's first kiss . the other ari . wilder's forgotten cinderella . once again gracie's cupcake

the wand: rosewood with fairy wings and unicorn hair, eleven and three-quarter inches in length, reasonably sturdy

bridgette's lost one . the pretty pianist . stands at five foot five . the juilliard witch . jean luc's goddaughter . l. steadfast
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Leilani Jameson
post Apr 23 2016, 05:38 PM
Post #22

The stuff nightmares are made of
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Posts: 1,343
Joined: 24-November 12


Character Name(s): Leilani Jameson, Flynn Renault & Rhine Everard-xin
Date you will leave: today
Date you will return: unsure

I just got back but exam week is starting, so i shouldn't be awol for too long (though i'll still be replying to some threads when i need a break!)

from l o v e,
-- we slipped into midnight like the death of the s u n --

jameson clan ・ fiance ・ azkaban survivor ・ former soldier ・ motherlost
beyond the rain @ tda

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Alec Lowe
post Apr 26 2016, 05:15 PM
Post #23

Her rainbow
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Posts: 1,080
Joined: 5-July 14
From: on page 394


Character Name(s): Alec Lowe, Annabelle Haggard and Jesper Ditlev-Gaade
Date you will leave: April 26th
Date you will return: May 2nd

Everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain
Daddy to be Antoinette's husband Irish accent 26 years old 6'2'' Ricky's Godfather

But you can't have a rainbow, without a little rain.
Charlotta Dervis Unknown
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Madeline Jones
post Apr 27 2016, 06:11 AM
Post #24

Intermediate Player
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Posts: 331
Joined: 10-October 15
From: Longford Manor, Salazar's Peak


Character Name(s): Tyler Wilde and Madeline Jones
Date you will leave: Today
Date you will return: Roughly May 16th

This is more of a precaution than anything, but I'm finally graduating college! So the next couple weeks are going to be fairly busy. I will keep quests, clubs, etc. a priority.

Adopted ✲ PAW ✲ Ballerina ✲ American Girl ✲ Sister ✲ JPAT ✲ (God)Daughter

Sigrid's bestie ✲ Niece ✲ 5"0' ✲ Survivor | Charlotta Dervis | Benny's squirt ✲ Cousin ✲ Ari's buggie
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Nick Whitwell
post Yesterday, 03:49 AM
Post #25

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Posts: 882
Joined: 28-December 14
From: #24, Skeltons Lane


Character Name(s): Nick Whitwell & Elizabeth Whitwell
Date you will leave: 4/28
Date you will return: 5/10 ish?



oldest whitwell jasmine's rusted paradise rudy's crooked bridge cordelia's scarred promise atlas defeated
rocky walker fairytalesques
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Eleanor Bray
post Yesterday, 06:36 AM
Post #26

Beginning Player
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Posts: 70
Joined: 13-February 16
From: Doggledor House, Bristol


Character Name(s): Eleanor Bray & Elijah Bray
Date you will leave: 4/29
Date you will return: 5/4

I have a bunch of family stuff going on so I'm going back on absence just in case I won't have time to post

🔥 Why must I walk this road all alone? Is this how I turn my soul into stone? 🔥

(God) daughter 🔥 So I listen to the closing door. It's much louder than it was before 🔥 Gryffindor
Max's Sunshine 🔥 Hannah's Miss Ella 🔥 Mason's Princess 🔥 Charlotta Reed 🔥 Skyhill 🔥Havencroft Survivor 🔥Tatty & Max's Niece
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Harvey Lance
post Yesterday, 06:38 PM
Post #27

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Posts: 946
Joined: 28-December 14
From: #19 Ingestre Court


Character Name(s): Harvey Lance & Wilhelm Laurent
Date you will leave: today
Date you will return: 20/05

Between final deadlines and my exams I just don't have time to be on here right now - minimal to no posting until I'm done. Back in a few weeks!

6'1 i think you will set yourself afire before you realise 22

zach's bad infuence :: cordelia's moment :: madison's believer :: cecily's accomplice :: nikki's jarvey
hartley nightingale that even you cannot conquer the sun elisabeth hewer
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Soren Valkyrie
post 28 minutes ago
Post #28

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Posts: 725
Joined: 7-November 14
From: #17 The Quadrant


Character Name(s): Soren Valkyrie
Date you will leave: 29 April
Date you will return:7 May


you are my favourite what if ☾- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -☽ you are the best i'll never know

24 quibblet brother friend survivor uncle keeper 6'3
c. dervis soren francis valkyrie fob
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