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> 4 - The Absence Thread, ~ and for when you need to be gone
Winifred Dwyer
post Jan 27 2015, 06:58 PM
Post #21

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Posts: 1,246
Joined: 14-April 12
From: McCray House, Hengist Way, Hogsmeade


Should have done this before...but now I'm doing this right

Character Name(s): Winifred Dwyer | Delphina Twonk
Date you will leave: January 7ish (while back)
Date you will return: February 19th

While I was on at the beginning of the month to browse a bit and did posts, my health problems have reared their ugly head again. I'm hoping this is the last time for a while.


Fred | Freddy | Teddy Bear | Bozo | Winblebee
Hufflepuff | Adult? | Bludger; The Feline Terror | Mad for Quidditch | Big Talker | Big Dreamer

Fallon Quinn's good with the new looks
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Rudy King
post Jan 28 2015, 04:42 AM
Post #22

Novice Player
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Posts: 167
Joined: 28-December 14
From: Manchester, United Kingdom


posting for a friend!!!

Character Name(s): Nick Whitwell
Date you will leave: today
Date you will return: Tuesday, Feb. 3rd

R U D Y • R O L A N D • K E N N E T H • K I N G

owner of perse the rat rude rudy nick’s best mate king rudy king blair's rainbow
blair parker shows my good side.
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Leilani Jameson
post Jan 29 2015, 02:57 AM
Post #23

Oliver M's Squishyboo
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Posts: 1,118
Joined: 24-November 12


Character Name(s): Leilani Jameson, Flynn Renault, Rhine Czarny
Date you will leave: 28th Jan
Date you will return: 2nd Feb

if your life ended t o m o r r o w,
would you be p r o u d of what you left behind?

lei ~ jameson clan ~ twin ~ soldier ~ oliver's ~ blair parker
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Lydia Halliwell
post Jan 29 2015, 10:05 PM
Post #24

6th Year
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Posts: 475
Joined: 5-July 14
From: The Boat House, Everett Estate, Scotland


Character Name(s): Lydia Halliwell
Date you will leave: 1/29
Date you will return: 2/3

honorary Major | seeker | with melting wax and loosened strings | prefect | everett heiress

WIT | Blair Parker | sunk hapless Icarus on unfaithful wings | Erasmus Darwin | PAW
slow posting as of 1/24
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Tatiana Penvrane
post Yesterday, 04:07 AM
Post #25

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Posts: 1,691
Joined: 15-March 14
From: #54 The Quadrant


Character Name(s): Tatiana Penvrane, James Major, and Zachary Nyte
Date you will leave: January 30th
Date you will return: February 9th or 10th

Leaving the country for a bit and will probably not have any internet access!

you bought a s t a r in the sky tonight because your life is dark and it needs some l i g h t
19 flick junior sister east's girl marshmallow seren's bestie 5'4" chas's light angry

lila specter you'll never see that the s t a r s are free m. diamandis

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Reece Kelley
post Yesterday, 05:33 PM
Post #26

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Posts: 452
Joined: 15-March 14


Character Name(s): Reece Kelley, Tucker Cambridge, Carmen Bellamy
Date you will leave: today, 1-30-15
Date you will return: Sunday (maybe, maybe Monday) 2-2ish

Going on a retreat this weekend and I'm unsure what the Internet situation will be/I don't really want to post while I'm there smile2.gif

5' 5" | Reecey or Ree or Ken-doll | Ollivander's Shophand | The Unintelligent Ravenclaw
Best Friend to Benny and Ads
Katherine Winthrop
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