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The chains have been broken and oppression wrenched away. The battlefield remains as bloody and grim as ever, great witches and wizards have lost their lives in a war that seemed to bring no light, fighting for a cause so very similar from both sides, and ultimately, reaching the final destination with an end too final. The burning heat of the sun rises higher, higher, and the fallen are taken away.

It is time to treat the wounded, to reunite families where families can be reunited, to patch that which has been torn where blood stains the very fabric of The Forest of Havencroft.

There must be a rebuild; those injured must be treated, the world must be restored and the magical world must move forward from the tragedies that have been dealt.

And yet...the battle may have been won by the Order, but the war has yet to truly commence.

The Staff of Potter's World would like to thank everyone for their participation in the PW End of War Event of 2015. As the board is now prepared to be reorganised and revitalised for The New Beginning, we will remain closed until Friday 31st July 2015 at approximately 1pm GMT. Promotions and class graduation will occur at the regular time of 9pm GMT followed by Registration that weekend at the regular time.

Please do not disturb the wonderful staff of HPFF as to Potter's World return as they will be unable to answer questions of this, and do take care and be sure to enjoy the break. We will be, too, and will be back soon!

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