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> Character Face Masterlist, ~ a reference listing of play-by's
*Supreme Mugwump
post Jan 3 2007, 10:35 PM
Post #1

Wizard of Protocol
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Posts: 1,193
Joined: 21-December 06

Choosing a Face

What is a character face?
The term 'character face' (also known as a 'play-by') refers to the image/model/celebrity you use for your signature/avatar image. This 'face' will be what your character will look like.
  • You MUST choose a face before your registration can be considered complete!
  • You cannot use the same character 'face' as another current character
  • If you try to claim a face that's already been chosen by someone else, you will be sent a message by the staff to choose another face.
  • Personal pictures are not permitted (you cannot use your own picture, your sister, friend, etc.)
  • Choose your face wisely! Once you claim a face, it cannot be changed.

HINT: To help in your search, use CTL F to "find" certain names -- this is especially important for some Asian names as they may not be listed correctly (last name first).

Faces Already Taken
Celebrity name - Character name

Ackles, Jensen - Eric Winthrop
Adams, Amy - Harriet McNitt
Agron, Dianna – Ulyana Lasky
Akan, Johan - Thomas Wilkinson
Ala, Erjona - Ines Belvedere
Alano, Jorge - Elias Fisher
Aldridge, Jane - Felicia Atwood (nee Nyte)
Alexander, Jaimie - Penrose Yewbrey
Amell, Stephen - Emerson Maxwell
Aplin, Gabrielle - Clara Gray
Ashba, DJ - *Jacques Hawkfield
Asmus, Keilani - Thalia Devereux
Austin, Jake - Michael Atkins
Autumn, Emilie - not available
Avgeropoulos, Marie - Adelaide Eliopoulos

Baan, Jordy - Frederick Fletcher
Babu, Mahesh - Rohan Occulte
Baccarin, Morena - Tamara Reyes
Badgley, Penn - Braden Langley
Bae, Su-Ji "Suzy" - Alexa Rhee
Baker, Darla - Pippa St James
Ball, Michael - *Marlon Marconi
Balor, Finn - Sammy Lichen
Barnes, Ben – Valentin Pozniak
Barrett, Jordan – Eos Rutherford
Baruchel, Jay - Hamish Fawcett (deceased)
Bates, Kathy - *Morwenica Curabolus
Bauder, Eugen - Oliver Mcintyre
Bayler, Terence - *The Bloody Baron
Bazan, Kristina - Beth Malone (nee Caldwell)
Bean, Sean - Darius Quinn (deceased)
Beckinsale, Kate - Athena Vincent
Bederov, Daniel – Anders Parrish
Bell, Matthew - Graves Carver
Belleza, Valentina - Andromeda Rutherford
Ben Ammar, Sonia - Sorrel King
Benoist, Melissa – Hazel Montgomery
Benson, Ashley - Selene Elderwine
Berdy, Sean - not available
Bieber, Justin - Nate Bennet
Biehn, Michael - *Professor Jack Ravensdale
Biersack, Andy – Cypher Faust
Bingbing, Fan - Beatrice Grey
Blackburn, Tyler - Skyler Perault
Bleu, Corbin - Chris Howland
Bloom, Orlando - William Thorley
Blunt, Emily - Millie Court
Bock, Kate - Cordelia Winthrop (deceased)
Bockelman, Clark - Jayson Cartier
Bogucharskaia, Kate - Elizabeth Virtanen
Bomer, Matt - Leander Hart
Bowie, David - *Jupiter Westwood
Boyd, Brandon – Lincoln Jones
Boyega, John – Kamalu Okoro
Brand, Russell - *Thrash Dodgem
Brinkley, Christie - Rosetta Xin (nee Jette)
Brody, Adam - Kylian Wilde
Brody, Adrien - *Mo Zonko
Brown Savannah - Iona Aitken
Bunbury, Kylie - Anya Elliot
Butler, Kit – Jed Wright
Byrne, Rose - Billie Carson (nee Ringhiare)
Byun, Baekhyun - Reginald Park

Cameron, Dove – Kara Jordan
Campanella, Alyssa - Melody Walker (nee Javert) (deceased)
Campbell, Danielle - Olive Welsby
Campbell-Bower, Jamie - Andrew Moran-Jameson
Carpenter, Sabrina - Luna Elderwine
Carrey, Jim - *Sloane Whittaker
Carvajal, Sergio - Ryder Neilson
Chabernaud, Clement - Noel Johnston
Chambers, Erin - Quinn Maxwell
Chambers, Justin - *Hector Darby
Chang-Wook, Ji - Alphonse Harrison
Chopra, Priyanka – Riya Nagrani
Chastain, Jessica - Elizabeth Connolly (nee Eames)
Christie, Gwendoline - Ingrid Nightshade
Chung, Jamie - Inez Song
Clark, Annie - Beatrice Nott
Clarke, Emilia - Rosalie Bennet (nee Ringhiare)
Cleese, John - *Nearly Headless Nick
Clooney, George - *Gameskeeper Ludovic Rackharrow
Coffey, Susan – Tiffany Neil
Coleman, Jenna - Tatiana Gray (nee Penvrane)
Coleman, Zendaya- Marina Carter
Collins, Lily - Faye Evans
Connery, Sean - *Alistair Reilly
Conte, Martin – Apollo Meyers
Cook, Mason – Kaleth Phoenix
Coombs, Torrance - James Flexner
Cooper, Andrew - Rowan Kohler
Cooper, Ryan – Patrick Hudson
Corinth, Caroline - Carson Catchlove
Corneliussen, Stephanie - Adele Moran-Jameson
Cosgrove, Miranda - Karen Gregory
Cox, Montana - Mia Burnell
Craddock, Paul - Cassius Ringhiare
Cruise, Tom - *Trevor Drake
Csengery, Chloe - Adelina Moss
Cusak, Joan - *Nikki Malene

Daddario, Matthew - Jeremiah Lucas
Dahlhaus, Ben - Mordred Tattersen
Dashae, Rachel - not available
Davalos, Alexa - Natasha Davies
Day, Charlie – Manx Connolly
de Armas, Ana - Emmaline Sixsmith-Cormack (nee Cormack) (deceased)
Debicki, Elizabeth - Camille Hart
Debnam-Carey, Alycia - Audrey Denton
Dehaan, Dane - Quincey Cox
Delevingne, Cara - Stella Lowe
Dempsie, Joseph – Logan Rae-Jones
Dench, Dame Judi - *Eleanor Ballantyne
Denisof, Alexis - *Quentin Pomeroy
Deschanel, Zooey - *Phoebe Reynolds
Deutch, Zoey - Lindey Stewart
Dewald, Sarah - Cassidy Connolly
Diaconu, Andreea - Parker Neilson
DiCaprio, Leonardo - Rhydian Smythe
Dicker, Cintia - Ariel Jameson (deceased)
Didonato, Emily - Gemma Moreau
Dobrev, Nina - Helena Warren
Dormer, Natalie - Ariana Jones
Dornan, Jamie - Aaron Nash
Duhamel, Josh - Stanley Ashford
Dunn, Jourdan­ - Priscilla Carter ­­­­­­­­­­­
Dunst, Kirsten- Sarah Collinghip
Dyer, Natalia - Priscilla Adams

Efron, Zac - Ethan Swifte
Eidem, Benjamin - Hartley Nightingale
Elgort, Ansel - Finn Adams
Ellingson, Lindsay - Cordelia Carlisle
Elliott, George - Blue Norton
Elizabeth, Grace - Artemis Mason
Englert, Alice - Viola Vincent
Enoch, Alfred - Samuel Mcintyre
Erichsen, Freja Beha - Sylvia Whitwell
Esken, Max - not available
Evans, Chris - Milo Stilton

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*Supreme Mugwump
post Mar 24 2007, 03:30 AM
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Wizard of Protocol
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Posts: 1,193
Joined: 21-December 06

Fanning, Elle - Florence Witt
Farrel, Colin - Alan Nightshade
Felton, Tom - not available
Ferrario, Alexander - Axel LeGauche
Fimmel, Travis – Beauden Beckett
Fisher-Becker, Simon - *The Fat Friar
Fisher, Isla - Georgia Mcintyre-Avalon (nee Mcintyre)
Flowers, Brandon - Adrian Jameson (nee Hunter)
Fonda, Jane - *Professor Ruby Keeson
Fox, Emilia - *Caretaker Ursula Mink
Frackowiak, Magdalena - Elena Belvedere
Frangipane, Ashley (Halsey) - Io Nightshade
Freeman, Morgan - *Sid Brooklyn (deceased)
Fuller, Drew - *Maddox Whipple

Gale, Kelly - Indira Fowler
Gallagher, Adam - Riordan Kelley
Gandy, David - Kuja Anderson
Garfield, Andrew – Sebastian Hill
Garner, Julia - Penelope Dunson
Garrn, Toni - Xanthippe Neilson
Gates, Sharnee - Gemma Xin-Swifte
Gervais, Ricky - *Professor Oz Benton
Giardina, Russell - Claude Carver
Gillis, Niclas - Zachary Ford
Ginzburg, Esti - Julia Mitchell
Glasby, Hannah - Silvia Blackburn
Glau, Summer - Avila Esp
Glover, Donald - Jasmin Bellerose-Donoghue
Goldberg, Whoopi - *Professor Julia Griffin
Goldfinger, Marc - Joseph Tremaine
Goldsack, Jena - Bambi Skye
Gomez, Selena - Annora Herrera
Goo, Yeo Jin - Jinseok Hong
Gosling, Ryan - Argus Croaker
Gosse, Arthur - Jeremy Fraser
Goulart, Izabel - Clarisse DuMorne (nee Clement)
Grace, Laneya - Camille Sen
Graham, Ashley – Ivy DeCastilla
Graham, Lauren – Holly Kohler (nee Barrett)
Green, Eva - Mireille DuMorne
Greene, Ellen - *Madame Josephine Eleanor Abbot
Griffith, Gattlin - Elia Manetta
Grint, Rupert - not available
Grothe, Luma - Pyper O’Rourke
Gruffudd, Ioan - Dylan Sayer
Guillermand Ophelie - Dorothy Lovell
Guarracino, Tomas - Simon Townshend (deceased)
Guerin, Heloise - Cecilia Lowe
Gustavsson, Frida - Pippa Cartier (Nee Badgley)
Gutierrez, Froy - Aidan Tempest
Gyllenhaal, Jake - Alex Tomlinson
Gyllenhaal, Maggie - Patience Atwood-Moon (nee Moon) (deceased)

Hadid, Bella - Bodhi Davenport
Halverson, Courtney - Siobhan Fitzgibbons
Hamilton, Carmen - Imogen Gardener
Hammam, Imaan - Sara Sorrows
Hale, Lucy - Philippa Johnston
Halpin, Joanna - Isabelle Gray
Harington, Kit - Bellamy Bates
Hart, Jessica - Molly Penvrane (nee Williamson)
Hart, Misha - Diva Jade
Hayward, Anders - Oliver Zabinski
Headey, Lena – Coraline Hart
Heard, Amber - Seraphina (Langley) Winthrop
Heathcote, Bella - Ellery Dervis
Helgenberger, Marg - *Veronica Grimstone
Hemsworth, Liam - Adam Blackwell
Henderson, Shirley - *Moaning Myrtle
Hepburn, Audrey - *Mademoiselle Marcelle
Heukels, Ton - Pan Sixsmith-Cormack (deceased)
Heussaff, Solenn - Isabella Ross
Hiddleston, Tom - Callum Grieves
Hilbert, Rachel - Halina Butler
Hill, Taylor - Lydia Alves-Daley
Hillyer, Riley - Ophelia Major
Hitt, Matthew - Owain Thwaite
Hoarau, Pauline - Ella Pemberton
Hoechlin, Tyler - Atticus James
Hogger, Charlene - Liesel Carlisle
Holbrook, Boyd - *Hydrus Malfoy
Holland, Willa - Thea Hart
Hollestelle, Luca - Elizabeth Pond
Holt, Claire – Hailey Hayes
Holter, Wade – Wilder Mackinnon
Hopkins, Anthony - *Haldor Udell
Horst, Marloes - Arielle Evans
Hosk, Elsa - Maryanna Lasky
Hughes, Tom - Lucien DuMorne
Hunnam, Charlie - Ares Eisler
Huntington-Whiteley, Rosie - Leah Stilton
Hurt, John - *Giles Ollivander
Hyun, Kim So – Maria Seung

Iacobescu, Antonia - Elladora Rosier
Imrie, Celia - *Cordelia Nightingale

Jablonski, Jacquelyn - Mafalda Rowe
Jackman, Hugh - Kendall Atwood (deceased)
Jackson, Joshua - Cormac McCullough
Jagaciak, ‘Jac’ Monika – Sienna Penvrane
James, Bradley - Edmund Hart
Jarvis, Benjamin - Levi van Persie
Jeon, Jungkook - Andy Park
Jenner, Kendall - Darcy Lonsdale
Jogia, Avan – Wyn Morris
Johannesson, Mona - Cleo Ramsey
Johansen, Julia - Poppy Atwood
Jolie, Angelina - Juliana Moran-Jameson (nee Moran)
Jonas, Nick - Anderson Killian (nee Norton)
Jones, Aya - Shaylah Sorrows
Jones, Felicity - Nadine Renault
Jones, Finn - Benjamin Gray
Jones, January - Gracelyn Taylor-Mackinnon (nee Taylor)
Jung, Hoseok - Cypher Lee
Jung, Jessica - Vivien LeGauche (nee Quinne)
Junior, Naleye - Morrison Brown
Justice, Victoria– Camella Greyson
Justin, Michael – Jamie Jones

Kane, Adelaide - Arden Snow
Katava, Zhenya - Eliza Fisher
Keener, Katherine - *Stella Easton
Keith, Penelope - *Iris Quickbloom
Kelly, Paul - Zan Kavinsky
Kennedy, Charlie - Louis Lowe
Kichigina, Sasha - Cecily Nott
Kim, Nam Joon - Harley Noh
Kim, Seokjin - Clancy Oh
Kim, Taehyung - Johnny Walker
Kim, Taeyeon - Ivy Min
King, Reece - Jordan Tate
King, RJ - Archibald Hamilton
Kloss, Karlie – Blair Parker
Koch, Alexander - Sealey King
Kortajarena, Jon - Hermes Blackwood
Kovalenko, Alina- Katrina Wilson
Kreuk, Kristin - Nicola Ashwillow
Krige, Alice - *Agnes Assheby
Kroes, Doutzen - Callista Sixsmith-Wyden
Kruger, Diane - Ngaire Neilson (nee Ketterig)
Kusakina, Natsya - Annie Mcintyre
Kutcher, Ashton - *Jason Friske

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*Supreme Mugwump
post Sep 14 2010, 04:49 PM
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Wizard of Protocol
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Posts: 1,193
Joined: 21-December 06

Lachowski, Francisco - Roland Nightingale
LaCrocq, Vincent - Sabien Bennett
Lafferty, James - Daniel Penvrane
Lagarce, Giza - Martina Cortona
Lambert, Yumi - Claudine Jameson
Lane, Diane - Zia Delacroix
Lange, Jessica - *Madame Amaryllis Tavora
Langenheim, Ruby - Valerie Stirling
Lanter, Matt - Adrian Montague
Laswick, Marina - Gabrielle Bainbridge
Lau, Andy - *Professor Simmy Walton
Lauridsen, Mathias – Raphael Nightingale
Lautner, Taylor - Dakota Ashwillow Jr.
Lavigne, Avril - Roslyn McMillan
Lawrence, Jennifer - Cosette Devereaux
Lawson, Denis - *Professor Dominick Solariis
Lee Ji Eun (IU) - Sunny Byun
Lefevre, Rachelle - Winnifret Jackson
Leithold, Scarlett - Briella Ambrosia
Lenz, Bethany Joy - *Bridget Hargreave
Leopold, Nadine - Ashton Swifte
Lerman, Logan - Faolan Malone
Lillard, Matthew - *Peeves
Lirio, Bruna - Brynne Kysely-Holloway
Lively, Blake - Gianna Taylor (nee Caldwell)
Lopez Osorio, Daniela - Catherine Aldridge
Lovato, Demi - Desiree O'Connell
Ludwig, Alexander - Niklaus Erling
Lutz, Kellan - Donovan Carter (nee Malone)
Lyagoshina, Anya - Cecilia Gray
Lyn, Raven - Zinnia Walsh

Macdonald, Kelly - *The Grey Lady
Mackie, Anthony - Samuel Fitzroy
Madison, Bailee - Scarlet Onyx
Mahfud, Toni - Silvio Chapman
Malek, Rami - Sayeed Moussa
Malhotra, Sidharth - Arjun Nagrani
Malik, Zayn - Lorenzo Noon
Mara, Kate - Ariel Crouse (nee Fischer)
March, Stephanie - Keira Hart (nee Isaacs)
Marsters, James - Eli Ringhiare
Mason, Alton – David Webb
Mason, Paul - Greydon Swifte
Mavor, Freya - Astrid Waterfell
Mbatha-Raw, Gugu - Jane Quillon-Ward
McAdams, Rachel - Clementine Atwood
McAvoy, James - Franklin Baudelaire
McDowell, Malcolm - *Headmaster Gabriel Fournier
McConaughey, Mathew - Scotty Adams
McGrath, Katie - Saoirse O’Riain
McNamara, Katherine - Wendy Prescott
Meester, Leighton - Pippa Hart
Mendes, Camila - Mackenzie Matthews
Mendes, Shawn - Sean Moran-Jameson
Meyer, Nicole - Octavia Hawke
Miacova, Sophia - Estefania Mendoza
Milano, Alyssa - Anastasia Penvrane
Miller, Alyssa - Maya Mcintyre
Miller, Reid – Kyler Riggs
Miller, Wentworth - Lysander Phi
Min, Yoon-gi - Leslie Vela
Minnette, Dylan - Pascal Thomas
Mirallegro, Nico - not available
Mirsalehi, Negin - Ophelia Killian (nee Blythe)
Mitchell, Elizabeth - Elina Demirci (nee Byland)
Mitchell, Shay - Accalia Harcrowe
Miyano, Mamoru - Kazuya Ayres
Mizuhara, Kiko - Ryan Miyazaki
Momoa, Jason - Ana LeGauche
Momsen, Taylor – Fawn Avery
Monaghan, Cameron - Perry Andrews
Moore, Ashley - Sorcha Macaulay
Moore, Julianne - Catriona Wood-Coburn (nee Isla-Wood)
Moore, Mandy - Nadia Vale
Morell, Thom - James Anderson (nee Neilson)
Morgan, Colin - Todd Lloyd
Morrison, Jennifer - Dakota Min (nee McClain)
Morrow, Jessica - Marina Maxwell (nee Asturias-Quintana)
Mortimer, Emily - *Professor Shari Clampton
Morton, Jacob - Asher Thornton
Moseley, William - Richard Moran-Jameson
Moss, Kate - Charlotta Dervis (deceased)
Mowry, Tahj – Destin Delshay
Murphy, Cillian - Ren Wood-Coburn (nee Coburn)
Murray, Chad Michael - Phoenix Swayfield
Muse, Arizona - Lavinia Devereux

Nda, Leila - Morrigan Blake
Neff, Garrett - Landon Reed
Neitzke, Douglas – Aldric English
Nissen, Christopher - Alec Lowe
Nobili, Simone – Polaris Bosart

O’Brien, Dylan – Jack McQueen
O'Donnell, Rosie - *Gabrielle Blunt
O'Donnell, Sean - Camden Killian
O'Donoghue, Colin - Ciaran Malone
O'Gorman, Dean - Soren Valkyrie
Olsen, Elizabeth - Jamie Toffolo
Oman, Teresa - Faye Walsh
O'Pry, Sean - not available
Ory, Meghan - Annette Duval
Owen, Clive - *Paracelsus Smethwyk

Padalecki, Jared - Maxwell Wayfield
Padilla, Blanca - Elisabeth Cordova
Padukone, Deepika – Sonia Nagrani
Paisley, Devin - Ashley Neilson
Palmer, Teresa – Kate Braddock
Palvin, Barbara - Arizona Clarke
Park, Bo-gum - Ezra Seung
Park, Hyung-sik - Liam Kang
Park, Jimin - Clyde Ramsey
Park, Shin-Hye - Laura Park
Parker, Nathaniel - *Nathaniel Railsback
Parker, Sarah Jessica - *Belladonna Lesauvage
Paris, Jehane 'Gigi' - James Everard-Xin
Parrish, Hunter – Rory Major
Passmore, Matt - *Jamie Whatman
Paul, Aaron - Connor Jameson
Pavorotti, Luciano - *Tom Malone
Pearson, Kayleigh - not available
Pendleton, Eleanor - Lincoln Litcott
Perry, Brooke - Maisie Johnston
Perry, Lindsay - Phoenix Walsh
Peters, Evan - Everett Lance
Pettyfer, Alex - Julian Killian
Phelps, James/Oliver - not available
Pickering, Rhys - Cash Adams
Piekarz, Marta - Olivia Blue
Pine, Chris - Ryan Cormack
Piper, Billie - Darcy Baird
Pivovarova, Sasha - Ruby Irving
Poly, Natasha - Freya Major (nee Cavanagh)
Portman, Natalie - Ruth Reitman
Postlethwaite, Pete - *Fereydoon Farzi
Potter, Kate - Aurora Mcintyre-Avalon
Potter, Ryan - Naoki Jameson
Powell, Luke - Cooper Mcintyre-Avalon
Pratt, Chris - Abraham Muir
Prescott, Katheryn - Jess Henley
Prinsloo, Behati - Bonnie Buchanan

Qualley, Margaret - Joanna Renault
Quinn, Molly - Jewel James
Quinto, Zachary - Damion Kohler-Reed (nee Reed)

Radcliffe, Daniel - not available
Radufe, Baptiste - Dominik Adler
Reddick, Lance - *Thornton Goodwin (deceased)
Redgrave, Lynn - *Professor Vicki Calistone
Redmayne, Eddie - not available
Rendall, Mark – Daniel Belmont
Rheon, Iwan - Dallas McKenzie-York
Rhoda, Hilary - Syrena Winthrop (deceased)
Ricci, Christina - Aletheia Fallere
Richardson, Ian - *Professor Binns
Ridley, Daisy - Delanie McLoughlin
Rigvava, Serge - Matthew Kohler-Reed
Riley, Talulah – Eleanor Hawthorne
Ripoll, Nicolas - Rune Redburn
Ritter, Krysten - Naomie Noke
Robbie, Margot - Catherine Bishop
Robb, AnnaSophia - Acacia Woodsworth
Roberts, Emma - Marjorie Bobbin
Roberts, Julia - *Althea Quirke
Robertson, Britt – Sophie Milford
Roden, Holland - Francesca Tremaine
Rodriguez, Gina - Samantha White
Rodriguez, Michelle - Sloane Eisler (nee McKinney)
Rodriguez, Tashi - Louisa Elendale
Roerig, Zach - Jude Penvrane
Rose, Carmella - Roxanne Remington
Rossum, Emmy - Lucinda Nightshade
Roth, Tim - *Septimus Crowe
Rowling, J.K. - not available
Rubik, Anja - Holly Jones
Russo, Cailin - Giselle Johnston
Ryder, Winona - Seren Wilde-Jones

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*Supreme Mugwump
post Sep 14 2010, 04:49 PM
Post #4

Wizard of Protocol
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Posts: 1,193
Joined: 21-December 06

Sabaud, Julien - Hollow Sen
Sadoch, Dominik - Auberon Fletcher
Sahores, Adrien - Pluto Nova
Sales, Arthur - Aleksander Butler
Sampaio, Sara - Amelia Graham
Santulliana, Guerrino - Charlie Harris
Satterlee, Bridget - Clementine Aldridge
Schuhmacher, Tim -- Mateusz Young
Scodelario, Kaya - Deirdre Donovan
Sears, Teddy – Taner Demirci
Selezneva, Anna - Eloise Kohler-Reed
Senn, Adam - Beckett Hawthorne
Serrano, Xavier - Joshua Wells
Seyfried, Amanda - Cecily Mason (nee Blackwell)
Shaik, Shanina - Maleficent Mcintyre
Sharman, Daniel - Amory Gray
Sheen, Charlie - *Neil Faraday
Shelly, Randy - Nathaniel Fairchild
Shim, Changmin (Max) - Elliot Min
Shishkova, Alena - Calliope Mcintyre
Shum Jr, Harry -- Ozias Song
Siff, Maggie - Carys Jones-Sayer (nee Jones)
Silvers, Diana – Anastasia Meyers
Sikosek, Jessica - Frances Belvedere
Simakov, Timur - Kinsley Nott
Simoes, Nicolas - Tyrael Carver
Skarsgard, Alexander - Graham Lester
Skarsgard, Bill - Tiberius Huxley
Skovbye, Tiera - Paislee Sen
Skriver, Josephine - Kennedy Major
Smith, Ava - Kai Lusk
Smith, Jaden -- Rafi Zale
Smith, Lucky Blue – Asher McCormick
Smith, Pyper America - Violet Baudelaire
Smith, Will - *Isaac Alvey
Smith, Willow - Roux Zale
Smollett, Jurnee – Kainsley Grieves (nee Delshay)
Soberano, Liza - Honorata Guinto
Somerhalder, Ian - Shane Taylor
Speleers, Ed - not available
Spacey, Kevin - Sylvester Rossi
Speckhart, Anna - Avacyn Pryce
Spencer, Abigail - Kira Reid
Sprayberry, Dylan - Eris Costello
Sprouse, Cole - Anthony Wexler
Sprouse, Dylan - not available
Stam, Jessica - *Magdala Ethermeyer
Stan, Sebastian - Nicholas Laurent
Stegner, Julia - Adela Butler
Steinfeld, Hailee - Brielle Nash
Stephens, Sarah - Davanee Bryants
Stetson, Andrew - Benjamin Jones
Stewart-Jarrett, Nathan - Adewale Kayola
Silta, Caroline - Giselle Gatson
Stroma, Freddie - Jason Swayfield (deceased)
Stone, Emma - Angharad Thomas
Strong, Mark - *Professor Reginald Stein
Sugg, Joe - Teal Abernathy
Suarez, Blanca – Kingsley Pettit
Sulkin, Gregg - Velkan Constantin
Sutherland, Donald - *Patrick Beauchene
Sturgess, Jim - Raleigh Calloway
Sturridge, Tom - Elias Ashwood
Styles, Harry – Jonathan Hastings
Suzuki, Akira "Reita" - not available
Swanson, Sean - Niklaus Ringhiare
Sweetin, Jodie - Tatiana Jackson
Swift, Taylor – Lucinda Gardener
Swinton, Tilda - *Professor Sylvia Raimis

Tal, Alona - Madde Clarke
Taylor, Ryan - Alcide English
Taylor-Johnson, Aaron – Charles Cavelier
Tchoumitcheva, Xenia - Beatrix Belvedere
Teglgaard, Terese Pagh - Catrin Calder
Teixeira, Marlon - Theodore Dunn
Telle, Terence – Ledger Lambert
Tennant, David - Elijah Bray
Theler, Derek – Rory Malone
Theron, Charlize - *Brigette Bower
Thompson, Larsen - Charlotte Tremaine
Tonkin, Phoebe - Sianne Aldridge
Torres, Gina - *Professor Winifred Loveless
Traue, Antje - Dawn Wyden (nee Paige)
Tupper, Rosie - Jemima Nightingale
Turner, Sophie - Nimue Fischer
Tyler, Liv - Auden Denton

Ucedo, Lucas - Kasper Ridley
Upton, Kate - not available
Usher, Devon - Raghnall Redburn

Vacth, Marine - Persephone Lester
Valbracht, Bram - Blennioidei Revazishvili
Van Acker, Drew – Matthew Kelly
Vandendooren, Billy - Murphy Renault
Vanderham, Joanna - *Lily Marcelle
Van den Hoven, Jaco - Blue Stark
Van Meervenne, Simon - Cecil Mallister
van Meir, Gwen - Astrid Belvedere
Varma, Indira - *Professor Jeanette Barker
Vasylchenko, Antonina - Alivia Skye
Ventimiglia, Milo - Derek Throne
Vidler, Hugh – Lewis Faulkner
Vikander, Alicia - Aurora Landvik
Vilkeviciute, Edita - Saoirse Balfe
Visser, Neels - Oskar Blackburn
Vodianova, Natalia - Gertrude Appleby
Voe, Emilie - Chazlyn Arrington
von Teese, Dita - not available

Wadge, Robbie – Jayden Faust
Warren, Estella - not available
Washington, Kerry- Atthis Sergeant
Watanabe, Ken - *Lawrence Leung
Waterston, Katherine- Sally Fuller
Watson, Emma - not available
Way, Sam - Clover Baudelaire
Webb, Tom - Emile Devereaux
Weisz, Rachel - Scarlett Nightingale (nee Atwood)
Whittaker, Jodie - Clara Chandler
Wilde, Gabriella - Ireland Stark
Wijnaldum, Yasmin - Georgia Larkin
Willis, Bruce - *Scott Mason
Wilson, Rebel - *Ramona Darling
Windsor, Devon - Alfie Hewlett
Winnick, Katheryn - Annelise Hansen
Witherspoon, Reese - Samantha Eggleton
Worth, Sam - Reece Kelley
Woll, Deborah Ann - Tessa Atwood
Woodburn, Ben- Albert Wyatt
Wright, Bonnie - not available

Xi, Ming - Francine Carver (nee Jameson)

Yelich-O'Connor, Ella - Cressida Nott
Yeoh, Michelle - *Scarlett Ellwood
Ying, Yang - Calpurnia Malone
Young, Jeremy - Calgary Hughes
Yun, Eun-Hye - Mireya Xin

Zadro, Amelia - Cassandra Neil-Malone
Zagarino, Tanner - Elliot Killian
Zegers, Kevin - Reuben Cross
Zeta-Jones, Catherine - Victoria Jones (nee Blackwell)
Zingmark, Ebba - Zinnia Ford
Zalejska, Magdalena - Emilie Wilde

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